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Revamp of SL cricket

Pacy 2017-10-05 22:51:10 

Just 1-2 years of inconsistent performance they are trying to mend the gap

That is the urgency that I always found missing in WI cricket... In WI cricket the administrators seem to wait for FC season every year hoping for some miracle with nothing in between.

May be there needs to be interim tournaments, Fast bowling clinics, Batting camps with the domestic/ franchise coaches in each region. It all comes down to how quickly we need to find solution. After Lara was sacked for losing WC we had even stopped holding captains responsible for poor performance.

Khaga 2017-10-06 09:51:05 

In reply to Pacy

SL doesn't have "Fire in the Babylon" to yap about..

POINT 2017-10-06 19:29:23 

In reply to Khaga

FYI The Architects of " FIRE IN BABYLON " were Our Players . Those in the governance Of Cricket in the Region can never claim to have much of an input in the Successes of Our Players during that Era .

BTW , the Successes of those Players
were achieved despite that fact that
there was not a Pro or Semi Pro league in the Region .

In this Forum , I have on many occasions cited the reasons that propelled Our Players to dominate
World Cricket , despite not having a
Pro or Semi Pro League .