HEADLINE: Tough road ahead, but hope beckons for WI cricket

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2/27/17 7:44:30 AM 

To the chagrin of those who still support West Indies cricket, the regional team will not be part of the ICC Champions Trophy tournament this summer in England.

The champions of 2004 were not good enough in One Day International (ODI) cricket to make the eight-team cut under the ICC’s points ranking system.

Currently ninth in the ODI rankings, West Indies are also in danger of not qualifying automatically for the ODI World Cup in England and Wales in 2019. Should the West Indies be out of the eight-team frame come the cut-off date later this year, they will have to compete with traditional lesser nations for a place in the 10-team tournament.

So, West Indies will have to purposefully set about winning ODI games over the next few months in order to be sure of a spot at the 2019 Cricket World Cup. For that reason, the three-match ODI series starting this week against England in the Caribbean is of great importance.

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Same news, different day

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You are a very perceptive person . As I have stated elsewhere in this Forum
this Series is going to tell us whether in the 50 overs format of the game our Players are fully competitive .

The Truth is that it is in the longer formats of the game that are the Achilles heel of our Players & Team
in the International Cricket Arena .

The fact is that in the longer versions of the game , Our Players &
Team are wallowing at or near the bottom of International Cricket . Now
this aint fiction , but the stark Truth .

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The WICB should go the way of the federation, only then will allyuh be happy.

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Maybe if the Federation was in existence , some Countries in the region would not now be in serious Financial Straits .

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I don't follow politics in the region, but finacial straits is part of life.
In the oil belt where I live, we have gone through, many down turns over the years, we are happy to get the Pipe Line up and running, we Albertans need it.

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Aren't editorials generally meant to speak openly, candidly about controversial issues? Why do I get the impression that this Observer editorial was written while walking on egg shells? Or perhaps under the watchful eye of dishonest Dave?

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In reply to openning

You only happy with WICB now because....... cool

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