Chuck Berry

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3/20/17 9:21:38 AM 
I've always known that he was the creator of Rock & Roll, listening to NBC confirmed that just about every Rock Star of that era, (including Elvis) stole/copied from him.

Berry famously threatened to sue the Beach Boys in 1963 for allegedly having plagiarized "Sweet Little Sixteen" for their smash hit "Surfin' U.S.A." Berry was eventually given co-writing credit on the song, and in 2015, Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys' leader, acknowledged in a Los Angeles Times interview: "I just took 'Sweet Little Sixteen' and rewrote it into something of our own."

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well Chuck borrowed this one from Peter Tosh

original version right here by the maestro Peter

not too many people know this, keep it under wraps

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Peter borrowed that too.

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Greatest rock and roll artiste of all time. Wrote great great music

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An icon. Truly one of the greats.

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I am reminded of the fact that Elvis
Presley took Big Mama Thornton's



and made a big Hit getting millions
of dollars ; I do not recall that
IElvis Presley ever acknowledging
that the song was written , and was
first sung by Big Mama Thornton.

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