HEADLINE: Bridgetown pitch causes West Indies coach heartbreak

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5/6/17 5:50:52 AM 

West Indies coach Stuart Law is deeply disappointed with the Bridgetown pitch, on which his team registered a stirring 106-run victory against Pakistan this week. The track, Law said, suited Pakistan more and left him "heartbroken" for his quick bowlers. Praising his side for winning convincingly despite that, he said the victory came as a result of the hard work they put in but do not often get credit for.

"I wasn't expecting what we turned up to see," Law said. "If we can't get a good coverage of grass in a tropical climate, there is something wrong. It wasn't the sort of pitch we would have liked, I know that Pakistan were licking their lips when they saw it because it was a bit like a Pakistani pitch.

"Day two when we were bowling, bouncers were landing five metres short of the keeper. We've got boys who bowl 90 miles an hour, and to see the ball do that is heartbreaking, particularly on day two. You expect it on day four, day five, no problem. But to get through the game the way we did, in those conditions, which suited the opposition more so, very proud of the effort."

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5/6/17 8:10:28 AM 
I wonder what a loss would have caused him. Cardiac arrest??

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5/6/17 8:21:40 AM 
He really thinks that we have an advantage on a fast bouncy wicket? Paki pacers are faster and more skilled.

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In reply to Baje

The point he made must be well taken.

It was not a Caribbean Pitch and yes it suited Pakistan more, good thing we batted first, but the way the boys played, at no time did you get a sense that they had given up- they fought all the way even when they were down.

It has been a very long while since I have seen such determination and fight- an overall team effort.

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5/6/17 8:58:52 AM 
In reply to Emir
I think any pitch might suit Pakistan more. We have beaten twice in 3 mathches on Paki type wickets. Do you think our batsmen could handle Paki pacers on a fast bouncy grass wicket?

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5/6/17 9:00:24 AM 
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Hopefully the authorities take coach Law's comments in the spirit I believe it was meant as opposed to getting all defensive as is too often the case

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5/6/17 9:09:01 AM 
In reply to imusic
That wicket has been slowing up for ages. I remember Malcolm Marshall started to bowl leg spin for that reason.Occasionally they have gotten fast bouncy for two days and then swift deterioration of the service. Clearly we cannot prepare wickets at will which meet specified goals. Law may well find them a groundsman,

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In reply to Baje

I thought they would use the same strip used for the Leeward islands v Bim match. Wicket was fast and bouncy for 4 days.

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5/6/17 9:35:17 AM 
He will be in for a shock when he sees the Dominica pitch. He may need to have a pace maker fitted.

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5/6/17 9:40:36 AM 
In reply to seaegg99
Ha ha, they used the right pitch. Our pacers were hitting those cracks hard and bowling 80 mph offbreak shooters. Never seen our bowlers get movement like that before.

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5/6/17 9:54:44 AM 
In reply to Baje We were just very lucky we got to bat first. Pitch was a disgrace. Credit to Hope and Singh for some skillful batting in posting that critical 80 run partnership.

Anyway there is a bigger picture here. We are never going to having as skilled spin bowlers and swing bowlers as countries with much larger populations than ours. But we have traditionally competed well in the fast bowling department. These days however, fastbowler friendly pitches are impossible to find in the Caribbean. Something must be done urgently if we are to become competitive again.

These slow, dusty turners are also bad for spectator appeal.

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5/7/17 2:48:14 PM 
Hey all, St Lucia currently as the best pacers pitch in the region now. Thanks largely to curator Kent Crafton.

WI needs to make more use of this venue for development of our game.

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