ICC killjoys at work

Tue, Feb 5, '19


Media Watch

ESPNcricinfo's UK Editor Andrew Miller is not pulling any punches in that site's editorial 'Jason Holder slow-over ban is just ICC killjoys at work'. In yesterday's posting, he writes

Trust the ICC to be a buzzkill. The decision to suspend Jason Holder in the wake of West Indies' stunning victory in the Antigua Test is one of those typically letter-of-the-law decisions that make any rational recipient scream with outrage. It's like being zapped by a speed camera while doing 38mph on a deserted stretch of A-road at 3 o'clock in the morning. Yes, I know rules are rules, and all that but .... AARGH!

It's time the governing body had a re-think about what purpose over rate requirements serve, and whether they are achieving the desired goal. It does feel a bit ridiculous when, as Miller sarcastically notes, "never mind the scorecard, the West Indies captain was a full two overs short of fulfilling his obligations to an entertainment-starved public."

Good to know it's not just us that feel that way.

You can read the full article at ESPNcricinfo