HEADLINE: Making Caribbean Cricket great again

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8/7/18 6:41:36 AM 

The sixth edition of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) begins in Trinidad on Wednesday with the league's chief, Pete Russell, bullish about the tournament's strength in the face of an uncertain future for global T20 competitions.

Given the proliferation of such tournaments, and with South Africa and England hoping to add to the likes of the CPL, India's IPL and Australia's Big Bash, the ICC are currently looking at various measures designed to ensure the continued primacy of international cricket. These include limiting the number of T20 competitions a player can play in a calendar year to three and having discreet blocks of time, outside of which the tournaments can't be played.

For all the world's T20 tournaments, including the CPL, that poses a significant danger but Pete Russel believes his tournament can cope with any restriction on the number of tournaments a player can play. "The pool is big enough and deep enough," he tells Cricbuzz. "What you don't want of course is to have is a situation where players or agents start to trade off different leagues.

"You could have scenarios where a player says they will come to you but you've got to pay me 50% more than you paid me last time otherwise I'm going to go elsewhere. You could create a false market which is in nobody's interest. But we've built a very strong brand already and we think if someone had the choice of three tournaments, we believe we'd be one of them."

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8/7/18 7:48:22 AM 
I Need some time to recover from Windies lashing by Bangladesh, right now CPL does not feel appealing.Like whats the point?

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Solution: play them all around the same time, weather permitting. IPL, CPL, EPL, etc, play during our summer.

APL, NZPL play our winter, you get the jist. With leagues playing around the same time, hard for players to play in all of them.

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8/7/18 12:03:09 PM 
In reply to natty_forever

It's a simple solution, but does ICC have the guts to mandate this. I suspect the TV $$$ will sway them to take a different route.

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I would not be surprise if some players challenge the new propose rule that says a player could only play in three tournaments, that propose rule would have a negative effect on players who no longer play for their National teams, for example Narine, McCullum, Pollard, Archer and many more, it would be business restriction to their ability to be professional T20 players.

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8/7/18 9:30:27 PM 
Hola...somebody better tell Pete Russel many countries dont want to broadcast his product..

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In reply to dayne

If I was a pro player I absolutely would challenge such a restriction as well.

I think that the rule is set to apply only to players who're contracted to their national board, so it wouldn't apply to a McCullum type of player. But for anybody else, a restriction on their earning potential should be questioned.

Change the schedules, sure. But not the amount of leagues you can participate in. Leave that up to the individuals ant their pro franchises when they draw up their contracts.

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In reply to Tryangle

If that 3 tournament Policy is enforce it would make the situation worse IMO, as I could see many players just making themselves unavailable for their National teams and just play T20 cricket, money moves.

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In reply to CITYBOY
Hola...somebody better tell Pete Russel many countries dont want to broadcast his product..


CPL 2018 will be shown live in 64 countries around the world.

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8/8/18 4:47:28 PM 

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In reply to dayne

I agree. The World Cup may open doors, but making as much $ as you can may be a bigger incentive.

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