Jonathan Agnew reprimanded

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5/15/19, 1:02:11 PM 
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Instead of calling them England, the team should be referred to as British Commonwealth

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5/15/19, 1:10:50 PM 
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Why so? Because Wales is a part of it or something? Note that Scotland is distinctly separate (and has the last head-to-head contest as a win)

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5/15/19, 2:05:29 PM 
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Because England has a long history of fielding players from all over the British Commonwealth - too numerous to mention

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5/15/19, 2:42:51 PM 
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Agnew behaved disgracefully.

You fling stone in a pig pen and the one who squeal is the one get lick.

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5/15/19, 3:37:23 PM 
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Of course their captain is not from the commonwealth, Ireland proudly stayed out of that shameful edifice of the so called empire.

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5/15/19, 5:00:38 PM 
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He has always been a Jerk from his Leicester days.
I can say I am surprised at his outburst
He is yet another example of the assumption of "I am entitled to privilege"

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5/16/19, 10:03:47 AM 
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Ah, I guess it's easier on the eyes than The Great Pilferer big grin

Kind of weird that Eoin Morgan is now England's most capped ODI player. Ireland's loss, indeed.

But you're right. Funny how English media/players make more fuss over a Barbados-born player representing them vs the Irish/South Africa/New Zealand guys... rolleyeswink

As for Aggers, yeah he's out of freaking line.

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