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No kudos for the officials...

BeatDball 9/25/23, 1:11:31 PM
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who set the tone for a warm CPL final? Dr Irfan, Montel Machado, the pretty Jewmaycan sportscaster in the stands? The interval celebration of the Guyneez & Treeknees singing & dancing!? It was excellent as it mitigated angst between the two Windian peoples who are so alike in every which way.
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googley 9/25/23, 1:55:33 PM
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No kudos to the umpire who got the calls right in the final?!
doosra 9/25/23, 2:03:00 PM
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the onfield umps were really good...i'd give them a 9.5 / 10
StumpCam 9/25/23, 2:04:43 PM
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Absolutely correct! Umpires were excellent and deserved credit! cool