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I am back

sudden 2017-07-17 08:01:12 

married again and joyously in love. what a loverly lady!

black 2017-07-17 08:05:54 

In reply to sudden

lol lol lol

New Czeching account?

NineMiles 2017-07-17 08:16:33 

In reply to sudden

Welcome back... and happy for you! big grin

nick2020 2017-07-17 08:21:49 

In reply to sudden

The definition of insanity is to be married multiple times.

Welcome back and best of wishes.

DAVE400 2017-07-17 08:24:05 

In reply to nick2020

Totally agree...why would you want to get married again if the first one don't work out?

Boy, my marriage is a roller-coaster...sometimes sublime...other times living hell...

And most of my friends my age have it the same way...

So if I ever get off this roller-coaster I ain't getting on another one...

DAVE400 2017-07-17 08:24:29 

by the way, welcome back Sudden and congrats to you and the new rollercoaster. big grin

sudden 2017-07-17 08:26:34 

In reply to nick2020

say what you like but this is one of the happiest moments of my adult life.

topped only by the birth of my first daughter, my first divorce and David Thompson's election

ProWI 2017-07-17 08:32:31 

In reply to DAVE400

You have to ask yourself if you're contributing to the living hell and, what changes you can make to get better results in your marriage.

Welcome back Sudden. Best wishes to you and your now better half.

DAVE400 2017-07-17 08:45:00 

In reply to ProWI

I stop asking myself any questions long time...just ride the rollercoaster...

easy as that...

Devin 2017-07-17 09:10:15 

In reply to sudden

Congratulations man, all the best. I don't know how old you are, but I feel like you're at an age where you and your wife are probably mature enough and have experienced enough in life to make this work.

black 2017-07-17 09:15:53 

Underneath that beautiful face is a monster waiting to be unleashed. lol

Can't live with them, can't live without them.

pelon 2017-07-17 09:24:11 

Good luck to you brother Sudden. If memory is correct it's #4, so no need prep a veteran of war. Good luck to love.

(oh, and welcome back)

ray 2017-07-17 09:30:59 

In reply to DAVE400

ah don't know what prowi talking about...after all the changes you made over upteen years, yuh figure you will just be yourself, after all, the changes just made you miserable anyway lol lol while the woman never seemed to change....or maybe just got worse twisted twisted

nick2020 2017-07-17 09:40:06 

In reply to DAVE400

I stop asking myself any questions long time...just ride the rollercoaster...

easy as that...


So sad but so true.

Clearly sudden is one of those thrill seekers. Spend time and money to be excited at first, then scared, sick, and finally cannot wait for the ride to end only to do it all over again.

nick2020 2017-07-17 09:41:32 

In reply to ray

My theory on why do many issue arise is men stay the same and women change.

The Czech met sudden with big guts yet the first thing she will do is put him in a diet.

sudden 2017-07-17 10:14:24 

In reply to nick2020

i am proud to say i am back in tiptop shape. changed my diet or rather it was changed for me and playing a lot of tennis.

i cant say enuff about this lady.

i man is indeed happy and blessed so far

ray 2017-07-17 10:15:54 

In reply to sudden

it's like a new toy...enjoy cool

sudden 2017-07-17 10:16:18 

In reply to pelon

indeed muh brother.

hey looking for a solar company to do my place in Bim. any suggestions?

PM me if you dont want to advertise on this forum
big grin

Kay 2017-07-17 11:28:47 

In reply to ray

it's like a new toy...enjoy

When you keep on winding dem the spring soon get weak and the spinning action come to almost a halt

#4 someone seh? smile

Good luck sudden!!

nick2020 2017-07-17 11:42:11 

In reply to sudden

Maybe you should set up some doubles with Devin, Fuzzy and powen.

I will umpire because I hear fuzzy calls anything close as out.

sudden 2017-07-17 11:48:26 

In reply to nick2020

short me crotch Powen too busy kissing MEEEAAH's broad boxy to play tennis. besides he wasnt any good anyhow.

they say Devin was a reasonable player at school.

wait Fuzzy still playing he is an umpire- wuh loss muh belly

black 2017-07-17 11:52:07 

In reply to sudden

The definition of insanity, is, doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change. That. Is. Crazy.
'Did I ever tell you the definition, of insanity?'

Urban dictionary.

nick2020 2017-07-17 11:53:08 

In reply to sudden

More like if you play against fuzzy you will need one. Bad calls galore.

I highly doubt Devin was decent. Probably makes up numbers at best.

sudden 2017-07-17 12:00:42 

In reply to black

what happen to try and try until you succeed?

pelon 2017-07-17 12:09:52 

In reply to sudden

hey looking for a solar company to do my place in Bim. any suggestions? PM me if you dont want to advertise on this forum

There is only one entity in Bim I can recommend... smile you know exactly who.
He has 25+ years of being in charge at Light and Power (engineer), and now has his own solar company with commercial and residential clients - and impeccable integrity.

why go elsewhere!

Do you really need me to pm u his contact details? You slipping man.

lol lol lol

sudden 2017-07-17 12:18:44 

In reply to pelon

no need, man big grin

impeccable integrity eh?

we shall see

black 2017-07-17 13:02:35 

In reply to sudden

what happen to try and try until you succeed?

At what price?

sudden 2017-07-17 13:03:20 

In reply to black

what price love?

sudden 2017-07-17 13:04:43 

In reply to sudden

what is the new name of that company man. i seem to remember LPH or something like that. cant find the bloody numbers and i dont feel like calling Bim.

did he change the name?

carl0002 2017-07-17 13:33:18 

Sudden, is this the Czech lady or you married again after the Czech lady?

sudden 2017-07-17 13:36:48 

In reply to carl0002

the czech

Courtesy 2017-07-17 13:38:32 

In reply to sudden


Comrade, welcome back and congrats...when you stop writing checks you can try bitcoin.

big grin

sudden 2017-07-17 13:41:46 

In reply to Courtesy

i have been engaged somewhere else for the moment and that client will know its fate tomorrow when the election is held.

in Bim i am engaged with talks with a so called third party. so frig the DLP and the BLP

Courtesy 2017-07-17 13:45:08 

In reply to sudden

You know the history of third parties...Don't over commit...leave some elbow room.

big grin

sudden 2017-07-17 13:53:20 

In reply to Courtesy

of course. more of a pleasure thing for me. the person in charge is an old school friend and he needs some help.

unlikely to win cos he speaks the truth as he sees it. what more can one ask for?

nick2020 2017-07-17 13:55:55 

In reply to carl0002

Your confusion is understandable.

Courtesy 2017-07-17 14:01:21 

In reply to sudden

...he speaks the truth as he sees it. what more can one asks for?

Not a good trait for the rough and tumble of modern day politics. Best of luck.

big grin

sudden 2017-07-17 14:05:30 

In reply to Courtesy

he has no illusions. he is in for the long haul.

birdseye 2017-07-17 14:20:31 

In reply to sudden

And there I thought, with your new found love, you were the 9th person in Don Trump Jr meeting with Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya ---- so glad to be wrong – CONGRATULATIONS! wink wink

Norm 2017-07-17 14:29:43 

Glad you are back. Courtesy was boring us to death!
Your obstinate faith in the fairer sex should be an inspiration to the hopeless band of masturbators that frequent this place.
A great marriage takes hard work but is very possible. I know what I am talking about.


nick2020 2017-07-17 15:19:23 

In reply to Norm

sudden been thru 3 already. Clearly he aint bout hard wuk.

tc1 2017-07-17 16:13:05 

In reply to DAVE400

I thought I was the only one in this elite club

tc1 2017-07-17 16:15:58 

In reply to sudden

the czech

Is she, Don's wife sister.

sudden 2017-07-17 16:22:31 

In reply to nick2020

men does buy 4 and 5 cars, ent?

nick2020 2017-07-17 16:33:19 

In reply to sudden

How many times have you been married?

CITYBOY 2017-07-17 16:33:51 

In reply to sudden

Hola....but with cars you keep..dont matter how repaint and polish up...
Sudden sir you ain't easy....I salute you....not because you were able to entrap another fine lady...but because of your braveness.
By the way I am back too...

CITYBOY 2017-07-17 16:34:28 

In reply to nick2020

the man cant count that high..

carl0002 2017-07-17 16:34:33 

In reply to sudden

Oh man, what a relief. Congrats sir all the best.

I only ask cuz every time you disappear we know you always comeback with a new wife. But for your sake, thank God you came back with the same one this time.
lol lol lol

Wally-1 2017-07-17 16:57:30 

In reply to black

big grin big grin big grin

sudden 2017-07-17 17:37:41 

for the information of the malicious crew, in 25 years i have been married 3 times and this is my 4th.

i see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

i believe i finally got it right.

wish my grands were alive

nick2020 2017-07-17 19:30:45 

In reply to sudden

Didn't you say that you finally got it right when you married a lawyer?

ProWI 2017-07-17 20:58:01 

In reply to sudden

Boxy! Damn, I haven't heard dat word in years.


tc1 2017-07-17 23:17:42 

In reply to ProWI

lol lol lol loldah big boxy.
u believe Sudden got married

sudden 2017-07-18 07:21:32 

Europe is a beautiful place, especially when travelling with someone who knows the place and how to get around.

now i see why Capt Jerk Pork doesnt live in JA. i dont blame yuh Jerk Pork

powen001 2017-07-18 11:21:31 

In reply to sudden

lol lol lol


I wont believe you until I see the marriage certificate big grin

powen001 2017-07-18 11:25:27 

In reply to sudden


hort me crotch Powen too busy kissing MEEEAAH's broad boxy to play tennis. besides he wasnt any good anyhow.

Wrong on both counts...

If I knew how to post pics of trophies here I would big grin

What? and still getting asked to come to the Centre every single week to play for the past two years?

no exaggeration!

This week is yet young before someone else asks me to come out and play at night...

now thats what really worries Nick2020 cause he may have to finally meet me in person and fess up.

powen001 2017-07-18 11:27:09 

In reply to sudden


f course. more of a pleasure thing for me. the person in charge is an old school friend and he needs some help.

unlikely to win cos he speaks the truth as he sees it. what more can one ask for?

Wimpy Callendar cant be

Lynette getting good traction tho big grin

openning 2017-07-18 11:44:44 

The bro is making marriage a habit, wish you all the best with this one.
You are bold as hell, to announce this to the MB

sudden 2017-07-18 12:17:10 

In reply to powen001

dont go there Powen

powen001 2017-07-18 12:20:06 

In reply to sudden

toothless stuff lol

thought you were going to post that old pic of me and my second wife big grin

sudden 2017-07-18 12:22:49 

In reply to powen001

you mean the one that looks like Arnold (her) and Danny Davito (you)?

tc1 2017-07-18 20:40:56 

In reply to powen001

I agreed with you here, Drama and more drama

Maispwi 2017-07-19 12:09:56 

In reply to sudden

How did your stable do in Bermuda?

XDFIX 2017-07-20 16:34:18 

In reply to sudden

That was quick - Congrats!

sudden 2017-07-21 09:08:33 

Bun in the oven. she is pleased. me?- not so much

trev114 2017-07-21 09:36:13 

In reply to sudden

I am as I write this just outside Prague in a lovely country setting where my wife and I are visiting our son and his Czech wife of 17 years and three lovely young grandchildren who speak both Czech and English.