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Ancient Brazilian Tribe Killed by GoldMiners

Emir 2017-09-12 19:04:28 

This tribe was categorized" as "uncontacted" meaning no contact between them and the outside world has happened.

This is a tragic and genocidal and I wish the parasites will get to hell out the rain forest. That they stole almost all of Brazil for themselves, now the small remaining rain forest will also be destroyed along with these remaining tribes.

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ProWI 2017-09-12 20:42:00 

Damn perky Natives, got in the way of the White Man's greed and, got the worst of it, as usual.

Chrissy 2017-09-12 20:59:57 

In reply to Emir

Saw this yesterday - real sad

methodic 2017-09-12 23:06:50 

In reply to Chrissy

its wicked and evil