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HEADLINE: WI's direct WC qualification hopes crushed by Bairstow ton 2017-09-19 19:06:13 

A maiden ODI hundred from Jonny Bairstow eased England to a comfortable seven wicket win over Windies in the first match of the series at Old Trafford on Tuesday (September 19). Bairstow, opening the batting for England for just the second time in ODI cricket, scored eleven boundaries in his 100 not out off 97 balls and saw his side home with eleven overs to spare.
Windies are ranked the ninth best ODI team in the world and played like it. Aside from the first five overs of their innings when Chris Gayle set about England's bowlers, the tourists hardly threw any punches. Their score of 204 for 9 from 42 overs was perhaps fifty below par and their bowling was insipid. The defeat means Windies cannot automatically qualify for the 2019 World Cup and will have to go through a qualifying tournament next year.
England will be happy with an efficient performance with both bat and ball. Bairstow, who kept his place at the top of the order in place of Jason Roy, played fluently and unfussily. He has now scored a hundred and three half-centuries in his last six ODI innings and after a frustrating run of being in and out of the side since his debut in 2011, will now surely be in England's ODI team for a while.

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Atl_View 2017-09-19 20:49:24 

yet still we cannot give up. If we walk away from this series with half a team in place we can make it up in the qualifying round. We need to start planning to win the qualifying round and then look to the WC event. This may be a blessing as we get a chance to build a winning team they way our T20 group have emerged.

rhatid 2017-09-20 20:10:56 

In reply to Atl_View

"We need to start planning...."

That's the prolem, we don't/can't plan. We seem to be just reactive and impulsive. That's one of the reasons we do not do well in the longer versions of the game. Any situation that requires a little assessment and iplimentation, we are lost. So, yes, we may perform occasionally at T20 when we are lucky, but ODI gives us trouble, not to mention test. It's hard to see where west Indies cricket goes from here.

POINT 2017-09-20 23:33:27 

Many maybe surprised , but I am not surprised .Let me again state a freaking fact , if WE want Cricket in the Region to improve there must be a
complete change in the Structure of the WICBC/CWI & ALL the Regional Boards .

ALL current persons in those Entities
must also be removed . ALL those in the governance of Cricket in the Region Must adhere to the following :









Quite frankly , the ASININE idea that
those on the various Cricket Boards
believe that THEY are akin to being
Masters & the Players their Serfs


My opinion is that this is at the heart of the animosity between Those
on the Boards & the Players .

Quite frankly , Cameron believed that
it was unimportant for him to know precisely what level Contract Darren Bravo had before making his Public Statement regarding Bravo .

IF Cameron had any respect for Darren Bravo , HE would have ascertained precisely what level Contract Bravo had before making his statement .

POINT 2017-09-20 23:49:24 

Cameron is so High & Mighty , it was
beneath his Status to stay in the same
hotel that the Players stayed in .

As I have stated before in this Forum
Those in the governance of Cricket in the Region are MIMIC MEN ,who relish
imitating those who started the WICBC
and were of a different pigmentation
than this current Lot .

In essence all this B.S needs to stop . In my opinion , WE need to stop
this asinine elitism . This is what
has been & is hampering Progress in
West Indies Cricket .

I would like to suggest to the WICBC/CWI & ALL the Regional Boards
need to read a book written by Dale
Carnegie ; entitled :


I believe that they will find it very instructive . It is very noticeable
that just before going on Tours , there generally exists disputes about
Players Compensation .

It seems to me that those in the WICBC/CWI mistakenly believe that this is a Good Motivational Tool , I
cannot subscribe to that utter Stupidity .

Now if in the Region WE have Real Sports Journalists , they would ask
the WICBC/CWI what is the Board going
to do to replace the HPC ?????

They hopefully would also ask the Board , why is it that the desparity
between Our Players & Players from other Teams so wide , regarding Matches Our Players have played in comparison to their opponents .

This obviously , at least to me ,impacts on the Competitiveness of
Our Players in the International Cricket Arena .

thefacts 2017-09-21 03:16:31 

In reply to

My prediction is, if BOOT LICKER JASON remains CAPPO, then we will lose to Zimbabwe and Ireland/Afghanistan and get kicked out of the WC.

If BOOT LICKERS don't want that to happen, they better kick out Jason Cappo.




azadtnt 2017-09-21 07:08:03 

The problem and solution to WI cricket are all what you guys have mentioned. However, all those suggestions/opinions/comments have no production without action. The personnel from the WICB and regional Boards must go. New qualified personnel’s are needed with a new mission, agenda and a plan of action to accommodate some of what was mentioned and more even from the players (mental, work ethic, attitude, pride and performance) asap.

POINT 2017-09-21 11:05:15 

In reply to azadtnt

Well I have been stating in this Forum
what you have stated since 2003 . One
of the main impediments to Good Governance of Cricket in the Region ,is the fact that the Emperors have
many Boot Lickers in the Media who worship even the very Ground they walk on .

I have absolutely no doubt that IF
in the Region there were REAL SPORTS
JOURNALISTS , those on ALL Cricket Boards in the Region would adhere to
Good Governance .

The WICBC /CWI commissioned Several
Reports regarding its Structure ; Have You ever heard any of the FAUX
Sports Journalists , asked those in the WICBC/CWI why the WICBC/CWI bluntly refused to implement the salient features of those Recommendations ????

I at least; am deafened by the
Silence of Persons who claim to be Sports Journalists blunt refusal to be critical of the WICBC/CWI .

Quite frankly their Individual & Collective Silence has empowered those in the WICBC/CWI to carry on as usual ; hugging up their archaic 83 years old Structure .

In the Works is yet another Report commissioned by the WICBC /CWI this
One is called the Wehby Report , which is more than likely to be deep sixed by the WICBC/CWI .

I have absolutely no doubt that The Boot Lickers of the WICBC/CWI are not going to utter one word of Criticism
to the WICBC/CWI .

I have not read or heard , any of the
Boot Lickers of the WICBC/CWI in the
Media talk about the fact that the
HPC is no more .

Yet criticism is heaped on the Players when they are not competitive in the International Cricket Arena . This is because the Boot Lickers find it very easy to train their Fire on the Players than their Masters in the