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HEADLINE: No money, No cricket!!! 2017-09-27 07:36:46 

Sometimes…a little is a lot to some…however sometimes that limited thinking can have a negative impact on the future. In the Caribbean…in cricket…in West Indies cricket, this limitation is symbolised by the abject neglect by the majority of the world’s spectators into West Indies cricket.

While, the West Indies Cricket Board, in their various incarnations, speak about the appeal of West Indies cricket, and the glowing future, following a triumvirate of success in 2016, that has not resulted in money being splashed out to watch our players on the field.

A report on ESPN Cric Info website states as follows,” the WICB receives around $15.8m per year for its TV rights. England’s rights just sold for £1.1b (approximately $1.45b) for the four years of 2020-24, India’s IPL TV and title rights for about $2.9b, with the rights to Indian cricket to come next year.

Such is the financial power of the IPL, the English summer must now yield to its window or risk its own players disappearing through it.
This is very significant, because for all the money that the current management team of West Indies cricket beat their small chests on, it is evident by the disparity listed above, what a difference, winning and being successful means in terms of Television rights, which is where the “Big Money” is in cricket

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POINT 2017-09-27 07:58:27 

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For some years in this Forum I have stated the fact that the Big Idiots in the WICBC/CWI , refused to understand that If Our Players are not properly prepared , they obviously will not be
as competitive as their Opponents .

Frankly , this means that when our Players are not competitive , the General Public aint going to go through the Turnstiles in droves .

This freaking fact has been lost on the WICBC/CWI , and its Minions in the Media . I get the impression , that all the people in the WICBC/CWI
care about is getting their money from the ICC , nothing else matters .

Despite its colossal shortcomings , many in this Forum and certainly in the Media relish being the Boot Lickers of the Worst International Cricket Board in the Commonwealth .

In this Forum I have repeatedly stated that to make money & get large sums of TV Money requires that Our Players & Teams are fully competitive in the International Cricket Arena .

That fact however does not trouble
the people in the WICBC/CWI . All these Suckers care about is getting their ICC Money .