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HEADLINE: Mission-minded Holder embracing team over self 2017-11-05 06:56:51 

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) — Jason Holder stumbled across success earlier than most.
He gathered his maiden Test hundred in only his fourth match and had been entrusted with the one-day captaincy by age 23, and with just 21 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) behind him. Just months later and two shy of his 24th birthday, Holder was handed the cherished mantle of the Test captaincy, with just eight Tests under his belt.
And while one would have understood the temptation to chase personal glory, the giant yet mild-mannered all-rounder has preoccupied himself with the concept of team, and the role of his abilities in the overall collective.
He is almost philosophical as he articulates his role as a young captain and his expectations of the teams he leads, and deliberately never disconnects his performances from that of his unit.
Holder turns 26 today, and after 28 Tests, just over 1,200 runs and a shade over 50 wickets, says that he has found his footing in international cricket and now struck the right blend between leadership and player.

“When Clive Lloyd was chairman [of selectors], he told me it takes three years to understand Test cricket and I felt it strange at that time to understand it, but as I've played a lot more Test cricket, I've seen so many different things that it's clear to me that it probably would take you three, maybe four years to get attuned to actual Test cricket and the Test arena,” the unassuming Holder told CMC Sports in a wide-ranging interview prior to the start of the recent Zimbabwe series.

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azadtnt 2017-11-05 08:57:02 

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This is total garbage! It’s Zimbabwe we are talking about. Try doing it against any team higher than #8 in test and ODI standings. Holder has very little clue about captaincy, yes he is learning and the WICB is allowing him the necessary time to do so. Then why was Lara, Chanderpaul, Walsh and Ramdin under soooo much pressure as a loosing team?

The current WI team give or take a couple of players have a LOT of fundamental of their game to correct, at this stage of their career, I don’t think this is possible. Take a good look at the rest of the teams in world cricket and you will see that our level is way below there standards.

WI need to make some adjustments to their team by changing position on the team and selecting the best players in the region. After all this is WI not geographic discrimination and politics where players instead of being accountable they are penalized. I wish the WICB applies this to themselves.

Now making little adjustments will help such as Holder being used as a batting allrounder used as the 5th bowler and select 4 frontline bowlers. Success is about taking wickets which helps to relax the batting. What are we doing with our batters with short pitch bowling. How about teaching them to keep their eyes on the ball at all times and try playing the ball instead of ducking. Also have them play every ball and run, this will help to create shots and rotate strike. Bowlers need to be consistent in line & length, put one stump and draw circles where you want them to pitch the ball. It will take tremendous hard work and willingness to improve the status of everyone involved to improve the standard of their game. Also select a core of players of about 22-25 that is capable of playing on various conditions eg. If a batsman is weak against spin then don’t select him to go India or if a batsman is weak against the short ball don’t take him to Australia.

Oh, K Hope needs to bat lower down before we actually axe him just like what NZ did with Latham. Ambris, Cariah, Beaton, DM Bravo, Hetmyer, Jacobs are players who should be in this young WI squad. WICB/Selectors come on get your priority straight and do the right thing. “STOP THE POLITICS”

I hope my humble suggestions can be used as an asset in helping this current players improve their game and results.

Emir 2017-11-05 09:05:01 

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This "article reminds of the adage- "putting lipstick in a pig" supposedly to pass off the pig as something other than a pig.

That Jason has enormous potential is beyond doubt, his discipline is unquestionable, his mannerism is welcoming and his sincerity is admirable.

But to thrust the captaincy on him- when he cannot automatically merit a place on both version of the game every time, and while his learning curve is so enormously steep, greatly hurts WI cricket.

Indeed, it would have been best for his own development and for WI cricket in general, if he was given the time and space he needs to further develop his abilities as a player while cultivating his leadership skills.

Sadly, rationale and good decision making is absent from the makers at the WICBC.