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HEADLINE: Any Hope For A Test Championship? 2017-11-27 07:35:38 

According to those who know, business, marketing or advertising is, most times, if not all the time, the key to success.

It is what sells, and it is what makes money. Money is what keeps one going, and to many people, having money, and plenty of it, is the real sign of success.

Recently, the ICC talked about staging a Test championship, and just recently, James Sutherland, the CEO of Australian cricket, said that Test cricket is plummeting, so much so that by the next 15 years, he doesn't know where it will be.

According to Sutherland, in India, as far as value is concerned, it takes five days of a Test match to equal three T20 matches, and only the Ashes series can be compared with the Indian Premier League.

And that is true right around the world. Making money, more than anything else, seems to be the order of the day.

When one considers the marketing and advertising, however, the notices of when matches will be played, who are playing and their stats, the giveaways, free shirts, caps, and banners, the music, flashing lights, and pretty dancing girls, nothing in cricket, in my over 60 years of association with the game, has ever been marketed or advertised as the IPL or any form of T20 cricket.

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