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For BeatDBall:Rwanda The Emerging Economy

djdrastic 2018-12-07 04:43:39 

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The statistics explain why Rwanda has become Africa’s poster child for progress. The country has reduced reliance on donations and currently, domestically funds about 84% of the budget up from about 36% two decades ago.

In the last fiscal year (2017-2018 ), the economy grew by 8.9%.

This was paired with the improvement of service delivery across all sectors, eliminating the need for bribes to access public services.

Many African economies are known for distinct exports or income streams that have remained unchanged for years. Rwanda chose a different path by embarking on a concerted effort to diversify exports and revenue streams.

This approach has seen services become the leading driver of gross domestic product growth in the last three years, taking over from agriculture.

While pursuing externally-driven growth, Kagame has not forgotten about the home front. This led his government to adopt a ‘Made in Rwanda’ strategy in 2016, which has reduced the trade deficit by about 36% and increased the value of total exports by about 69% from about $558 million to $943 million. Local producers have fast become empowered to produce for the local and export market.

Priapus 2018-12-07 06:05:30 

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Caribbean governments would do well to understudy what the Rwandan government has accomplished. Locking up corrupt ministers would be a good start.

BeatDball 2018-12-07 10:15:22 

In reply to djdrastic Heheheh. I dwl. Thought I was playing pitteepattah games, eh?! Paul Kagame is doing an outstanding job - low crime rates, clean cities - Kigali, the capital is the cleanest city in all of Africa; massive push for literacy, empowering women to the maximum - Rwanda has the most women in parliament than any other country in the whole wide world; demands excellence from govt ministers who are the least corrupt in all of Africa; creating a friendly environment for foreign investors, etc! But, I have said it before, the Singapore's template of governance is for undeveloped countries. Done.

big grin razz cool wink

BeatDball 2018-12-08 15:59:04 

At the next commonwealth meeting...guess who gwine get a big kiss from Her Majesty! Come on dr smarty pants - ansa mih!?
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