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All Star Guyanese politicians

Curtis 2019-01-10 07:35:56 

Name your all-star team of multi party politicians who fit criteria:integrity, honesty, hard working, unbiased, caring for all Guyanese.

Curtis 2019-01-10 07:52:09 

This may turn out to be a short thread lol lol lol

steveo 2019-01-10 08:44:38 

Of course Cheddi Jagan

DirtyDan 2019-01-10 08:54:15 

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Curtis 2019-01-10 08:57:34 

Folks, meant this to be a more current view, today's Guyanese active politicians

Runs 2019-01-10 09:34:23 

Any truth to these allegations?

Link Text

DirtyDan 2019-01-10 17:58:32 

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Ok, shock he out

goofballs 2019-01-10 19:37:59 

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Not surprised at all. Met him once and he looked very fishy. I didn’t lie!

Curtis 2019-01-11 07:29:48 

Frank Anthony fits the bill as a quality guy.