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Reifer still backing himself for WI Coaching Job

Bestian 2019-01-11 07:39:30 

CBC Sports interview

WICFan 2019-01-11 07:59:39 

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Has Reifer got PTSD?

Walco 2019-01-11 10:51:03 

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Interesting that he is seeking the job as head coach. What level coaching certificate does he have?

I find it humorous that Reifer is taking credit for the little success in Bangladesh as though he was the head coach smile

Judgement 2019-01-11 16:11:03 

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Walco, i know you struggle with these things so let me set you straight (again) rolleyes rolleyes

I find it humorous that Reifer is taking credit for the little success in Bangladesh as though he was the head coach

It is his WIFE and self-appointed PR executive, that is behind the sudden shouts from the roof tops about Floyd Reifer becoming West Indies head coach. She works closely with Sir Hillary at UWI and is doing everything in her power to have Floyd in countless press interviews to sway the public that he is somehow a leading contender for the West Indies head coach role. This is a well known secret. Word has it she is also vying for Dave Cameron's top job (and pigs can apparently fly).

I mean, its not like our T20 team have won several World Cups before Floyd Reifer came along to oversee two matches against Bangladesh but there she is yet again, using all her press buddies to credit him for any win. Her Facebook posts are hilarious to say the least lol lol lol

Haven't you noticed the same theme over and over again ("the players love and respect Floyd" yadda yadda yadda) in all his recent interviews. I would be real upset if i were the players that he has worked very little with and yet he is seemingly speaking on their behalf. The issue is - it is not Floyd doing the speaking (the man is quite humble) - the cue cards and interviews are all the work of his power hungry wife. Do you see any other coach giving so many interviews about succeeding in the head coach role? rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes

Walco 2019-01-11 16:17:59 

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Walco, i know you struggle with these things so let me set you straight (again) rolleyes rolleyes

Ok boss run wid it smile

By the way, I am curious whether Reifer was the interim T20 head coach in Bangladesh. Not curious enough to make a call and inquire though ...

Bestian 2019-01-11 16:44:59 

Yes, Reifer was the Head Coach for the T20 leg, after negotiations with Nic Potha broke down.

che 2019-01-11 16:58:35 

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lol lol lol

camos 2019-01-11 17:36:34 

like the honesty from you guys! good thing I did not comment earlier

Walco 2019-01-11 18:34:35 

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Man why are you trying to get me to break my New Year’s resolution relating to the judgmental one? cool

Judgement 2019-01-11 18:35:26 

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big grin big grin big grin

imusic 2019-01-11 18:37:15 

Mrs Reifer seems to be a con artist

Judgement 2019-01-11 18:47:30 

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That is one word for her. Fame hungry is another. Floyd barely speaks above a whisper. Watch that interview closely. Its all staged by hers truly like all his other recent "interviews" about the players loving working with him rolleyes

I heard that she tells players to thank him in the press for "helping" them succeed - she works at UWI, she knows the players well. Have you not noticed his name suddenly popping up all over the place. Anyone who knows Floyd Reifer knows he is quite a humble sort that doesn't go shouting about himself - she is the one making a lot of noise and making him look like an egomaniac among cricket circles rolleyes rolleyes

Walco 2019-01-11 19:12:31 

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Stop skinning yuh teet wid di revolutionary before I ...

Walco 2019-01-11 19:17:39 

In reply to imusic

She comes off as a zealous advocate for Floyd. She was doing well until she predicted Floyd will be the "permanent" WI head coach smile

imusic 2019-01-11 19:34:37 

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Honestly, I never thought of Floyd Reifer as a self promoter. Even when he captained the WI team to the World Cup

imusic 2019-01-11 19:36:11 

In reply to Walco

The woman advocating fuh she man. Cyah vex fuh dat. But still...wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd lil embarrassed by her zealousness.