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10 Dead in School Shooting

tops 2019-03-13 13:43:02 

Two armed men wearing face masks entered a Brazilian elementary school Wednesday and shot and killed at least six children who were on their snack breaks, as well as two school officials, before fatally turning their guns on themselves, police said.
Poor Kids
Very sad. sad sad

Kay 2019-03-13 13:53:31 

sad sad

maj 2019-03-13 15:09:25 

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SICK!! evil

Chrissy 2019-03-13 15:12:04 

In reply to tops

MOre America crap spreading across the globe cry cry

granite 2019-03-13 15:20:49 

Worst than terrorists.

Ewart 2019-03-13 15:26:53 

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goofballs 2019-03-13 20:04:22 

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Brazil has to protect its borders from shit holes.

Ayenmol 2019-03-14 08:57:01 

So by that definition, when White Nationalist commit terrorist acts it's more muslim crap spreading across the globe?

Btw, isn't Brazil of the Americas?

VIX 2019-03-14 13:07:16 

Just saw the video of it. Speechless.

Backroom should be happy to know that no poor muricans were killed or injured

Kay 2019-03-14 13:08:40 

In reply to VIX

That is why this thread has no legs ....... only American lives matter smile

Ayenmol 2019-03-14 13:13:25 

In reply to Kay

There has been quite a few shootings in the US that Chrissy herself has posted that has gone nowhere.

Instead of going quick to Nationalism, race etc....You think maybe that people are growing jaded now by these acts?

10 years ago if you had seen the image of two men kissing on a tv commercial what would your reaction be?

What is it now?

maj 2019-03-14 13:13:44 

When you blame America for an incident that happened in Brazil..its not a thread worth even responding too.

VIX 2019-03-14 13:20:17 

In reply to Kay

you see it eh lol
yuh think it easy in the backroom big grin

Tryangle 2019-03-14 13:49:51 

This is a tragedy and I feel for those who've lost loved ones in this situation.

It's not really worth it to bring the US school situation here, politically speaking. Gun control laws are different in the US than Brazil.

Ayenmol 2019-03-14 14:01:03 

In reply to Tryangle

the US school situation

So you see it as a School problem?

maj 2019-03-14 14:08:05 

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You’re probably aware that Brazil is a dangerous place with a high murder rate. But what may come as a surprise is just how big the disparity is between Brazil and other large countries. Indeed, Brazil saw nearly 60,000 murders in 2015, as many as the United States, China, all of Europe, Northern Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand combined.

Link Text

nuff said..its just a crime thing not a US influenced thing or a school thing..Brazilians are just murder happy.

Tryangle 2019-03-14 14:17:52 

In reply to Ayenmol

Good spot. I should have said school shootings, perhaps. The issue is about guys shooting up schools and killing innocents.

Is there a link, as the article mentions, by the "inspired by Colombine" statement? I dunno but I also think that it doesn't matter.