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Cleaning up after Windows update havoc with applications

sgtdjones 2019-03-15 10:34:15 

How Do I Clean Up After Windows Update Breaks Other Applications?

While it’s not as common as the headlines might lead you to believe, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of the scenario you outline: Windows 10 updates itself, and you find that other software on your machine has stopped working. Often it’s older software you’ve been using for years without a problem.

I can’t guarantee a fix, of course, but I’ll outline what I would do in this situation to maximize the chances of everything working again.


Years of random updates can leave a machine in an odd state.
Back up everything first, using an image backup.
Re-install Windows from scratch and get it up-to-date.
Re-install the applications you use from their original media, and update them as appropriate.
Recover your data from the image backup you started with

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