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score for Pride v Hurricanes please

sudden 2019-03-15 12:33:19 

shivnotout 2019-03-15 12:40:22 

In reply to sudden

Guyana Jaguars have now been confirmed as winners of the 2018-19 West Indies Championship. lol

openning 2019-03-15 12:52:00 

LI 90 & 61/1
Pride 191/8 dec

openning 2019-03-15 13:22:29 

Game over
Li forfeited the game in order to place second in the competition.
LI 90 & 83/2 dec
Pride 191/8 dec

Dukes 2019-03-15 13:33:42 

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It is ridiculous .If Leewards forfeited the game then Barbados should be awarded 12 points and thus finish second ahead of Leewards.If this is allowed to stand it shows the incompetence of those who set the rules.

voiceofreason 2019-03-15 13:33:56 

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Stewwps! Man that is nonsensical!

openning 2019-03-15 13:36:06 

In reply to Dukes

Barbados is in third position.
Big discussion going on now, one announcer is livid with the decision.

TheTrail 2019-03-15 13:42:44 

LI vs Pride is taken down.

There is something fishy going on there.

Outswinger 2019-03-15 13:44:51 

In reply to openning

Game over
Li forfeited the game in order to place second in the competition.
LI 90 & 83/2 dec
Pride 191/8 dec

Complete nonsense on the part of the LI. I hear people saying that Bim also declared to deny LI bowling points. They forget that Bim had a 100 run lead, so the Bim declaration also had the effect of putting the LI under pressure to save the game, much less win it! There should be penalties for forfeiting the game such that teams are assessed enough penalty points to relegate them to the basement. I suggest 30 points for forfeiting a game and also, if you forfeit a game, none of the players on that team can get any awards.

openning 2019-03-15 13:50:49 

In reply to Outswinger
Cricket comes last to the decision made by the Leewards.

culpepperboy 2019-03-15 14:07:59 

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They want banning!!! evil

voiceofreason 2019-03-15 14:08:36 

In reply to Outswinger

2nd or 3rd what difference does it make?

analyst-kid 2019-03-15 14:08:51 

Up to now can't believe this. The Leewards actually put placing second ahead of fighting to win a match....Pride would have to had to bat last so the onus would be on the Leewards to fight and put up a good lead.....and they forfeit the match instead! POOR POOR SPIRIT OF THE GAME!

This needs investigation and repercussions

analyst-kid 2019-03-15 14:10:56 

They had a valid chance of beating Barbados and they forfeit? WTH!

analyst-kid 2019-03-15 14:12:17 


Outswinger 2019-03-15 14:19:19 

In reply to voiceofreason

Ask LI.

Tryangle 2019-03-15 14:19:37 


What is the difference in terms of prizes/compensation between finishing 2nd and 3rd in the league by the way?

On top of this, there's seriously some Spirit of the Game breaching going on here. But does the governing body have any teeth to declare any future sanction on Leewards for this?

What a ridiculous conclusion.

Dukes 2019-03-15 14:19:59 

In reply to analyst-kid

As far as I am concerned, Barbados won the match by an innings and 18 runs!!!!!

culpepperboy 2019-03-15 14:20:12 

In reply to Tryangle

Ban them!!

Outswinger 2019-03-15 14:24:33 

In reply to Dukes

Correct but LI are still ahead by 1 point or something close to it in the standings. That's their reason, I suppose!

openning 2019-03-15 14:30:39 

In reply to Dukes
It is the fast bowling point they were worried about, if Barbados bat the second time.
The fast bowler would had to take five wickets, if Pride had won the game out-right, forfeiting the game assured them, second place in the tournament.

Dukes 2019-03-15 14:31:15 

In reply to Outswinger

If Barbados had bowled them out for 83 in the second innings, the points such a scenario would have given them is the points that Barbados should get.

Outswinger 2019-03-15 14:35:43 

In reply to Dukes

I hear yuh. Those points would depend on the number of wickets the pacers got plus the points for the outright win. So I'd assume both.

culpepperboy 2019-03-15 14:36:40 

In reply to analyst-kid

Reminds me of this game:Link Text.

Barbados took an early 2-0 lead, but Grenada made it 2-1 with seven minutes remaining. Barbados were heading out unless they scored a goal—any goal!

One Barbadian striker realised that his team were unlikely to score another goal against Grenada, with only a few minutes to go and Grenada playing an ultra-defensive tactic. Instead, he decided that their best chance of winning was to make the game go into extra time and score a golden goal, which would count as two goals.

So he promptly powered the ball past his own stunned goalkeeper to make it 2-2.

Now, Grenada needed to score a goal—at either end—to avoid extra time and to go through to the final. The Grenada players, initially stunned by the goal and suddenly realising what was going on, turned around and headed for their own net.

Now the comedy really starts as the Barbadians had anticipated this move and rushed to defend the Grenada goal—in addition to their own—until the whistle went for extra time. Now be honest, who could make up a story like this?

In the end, Barbadian ingenuity was rewarded as one of their strikers scored the winning goal four minutes into extra time, which sent Barbados to the final.

As was to be expected, the Grenadians were not amused. Grenada manager James Clarkson was furious. "I feel cheated, the person who came up with these rules must be a candidate for the madhouse.

"The game should never be played with so many players on the field confused. Our players did not even know which direction to attack; our goal or their goal. I have never seen this happen before. In football, you are supposed to score against your opponents in order to win, not for them."

Maispwi 2019-03-15 14:41:35 

How could de match not be a win for Bim by an innings and 17 runs? In two tries de Leewards never scored Bim's score

Outswinger 2019-03-15 14:44:08 

In reply to Maispwi

Forget runs. Bim wins because LI forfeited by declaration. But it's the points and team positions you have to understand.

TheTrail 2019-03-15 14:44:13 

In reply to voiceofreason

In reply to Outswinger

2nd or 3rd what difference does it make?

The point remains you have two more days to play good cricket, and you resort to this utter nonsense.

Does that mean true sportsmanship has gone out the door?

Cricket West Indies should do something about this outrageous display by the Leewards today.

That is what you call bush league cricket.

Outswinger 2019-03-15 14:46:05 

In reply to TheTrail

Patrons should ask for their money back. Umpires should ask for full pay. Vendors should riot. LI should be sanctioned.

culpepperboy 2019-03-15 14:48:37 

In reply to Outswinger

Patrons should ask for their money back.

Correct is right!!Those 3 spectators deserve their money back!! cool

Outswinger 2019-03-15 14:49:42 

In reply to culpepperboy

Heh heh. ok. ok. But it might be 2.

dayne 2019-03-15 16:56:08 

Well the cricket Board have to modify their jumbled point system and fine the LI if they did forfeit the match, this is comical.

WICFan 2019-03-15 17:00:44 

This needs investigated for bringing the game into disrepute/challenging the spirit of the game.

Whether it's players or management fines need dished out and/or points deducted.

Maispwi 2019-03-15 17:09:10 

Didn Hanse get cited for trying to fix a test match with sporting declarations

Dukes 2019-03-15 17:12:18 

In reply to WICFan

My instincts tell me that CWI is going to be in a mess because there is no clear policy prescription and in a court of law they will lose.There will be confusion because the brightest minds did not devise the rules and the points system.

camos 2019-03-15 17:22:54 

blame the ill devised points system, I often wonder why sides get bowled out when they could declare and deny the opponents bowling point.

Oilah 2019-03-15 18:04:15 

So now we need to make rules that account for a total lack of integrity. rolleyes cry shock confused twisted

I can't believe I'm seeing this shit fuh real...why bother even playing rolleyes

granite 2019-03-15 19:33:55 

Why all the complaints now,not many years ago ,what did Bim tail enders do in TT to save themselves from a proper cutarse.Didn't they take about 1hour to play out 3 overs to save a cutarse.Bimmers are good cricketers but they are more underhand than any other West Indian team,tek what wuna get and nah badda complain,"what goes around comes around,nice one Cornwall,yuza ah hero.

culpepperboy 2019-03-15 19:41:45 

In reply to granite

Link Text

More importantly, Hurricanes’ bid to hold onto second place in the Championship failed, as the result moved the Pride into that position on 134.2 points – a mere 0.2 more than their hosts – who will secure third place, regardless of the outcome in the other match taking place.

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol


granite 2019-03-15 19:54:32 

In reply to culpepperboy
So injustice prevailed.


Oilah 2019-03-15 20:13:22 

I love West Indies cricket first and foremost. In regional cricket there will be winners and losers...and those will change over time. What is more important is the quality of the cricket and the development of future West Indies players. Anybody who thinks that this behavior... stopping a match with days to go to achieve some petty position... is OK, then they really missing the bigger picture (and I'm being kind).

camos 2019-03-15 20:45:04 

I think the current point system was lazily lifted from the English system; which I find bears no resemblance to how Tests are played.

tops 2019-03-15 20:56:51 

In reply to Oilah
Xactly! Y not play the game and let Monson Hodge get his 50 and who knows, perhaps go on to a tun. razz razz

Logic 2019-03-15 21:02:57 

In reply to granite
Jeez man. Cant you see the difference between a bit of gamesmanship ship to avoid losing and forfeiting a match 2 days early in the hope of getting a piece of change?

Pretend it was not Bajans the LI was playing if that helps.

tc1 2019-03-15 21:45:28 

In reply to Logic

The Rock man lives in a cave listening to the musicman.

Norm 2019-03-16 01:24:52 

Absolutely atrocious decision by the Leewards, but there is nothing in the rules against this.

The Leewards have no real interest in developing their players. They are interested only in the glory of winning, or placing as high as possible.

What a waste of CWI funds, for umpire fees, ground rental, player travel, meals, etc. Worst of all, players from both teams, and fans, must feel very disappointed that cricket was called off to satisfy some stupid skunt who wanted his team to place "higher" than the opposition.

Pure insanity.

Devvvvvvv 2019-03-16 01:46:16

Devvvvvvv 2019-03-16 01:51:14 

Leewards cricket team and their mathematicians are all f** idiots and it serves them right to drop in 3rd position..poor spirit of the game by the hurricanes and they dam deserve what they get because of miscalculations.. Dem mathematicians dunce bad tho lol lol lol

Norm 2019-03-16 02:09:34 

In reply to Devvvvvvv

Really serves them right.

Cornwall just made himself a big skunt with such a cowardly declaration. Then he and his advisors made themselves even bigger skunts by f*cking up the math!

No wonder Cornwall cannot lose that weight and make the WI team. He too f*cking stupid!

Funny like hell! You can't make this stuff up. Hahahahaha!

granite 2019-03-16 06:17:31 

In reply to NormI am dam sorry they got their sums wrong,but putting one over the Bimmers is always enjoyable,and yes I do know and are aware of their cricket,they do have the best.When they took one hour to bowl 3 or 4 overs to avoid defeat against TT nobody was bothered,why,it was TT need I say more.


Devvvvvvv 2019-03-16 06:48:42 

In reply to Norm

That is one of the most funny and embarrassing stuff I have seen in regional 4 day for a while..they should have played out that game but they take the route of a coward and they get just what cowards deserve..

JahJah 2019-03-16 07:35:48 

In reply to granite

Man shut yu skunt. Yu figet what one or two TnT tailenders did playing for WI? big grin