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Nitro and The Great Replacement

Casper 2019-03-15 13:51:38 

To Nitro and other MAGA Red-Hatters and Trump Kool-Aid drunks:

An ideology of supremacy and the great lengths certain members of White ethnics and those who subscribe to White Supremacy will go to maintain such dominance.

The White Australian who killed over 50 Muslims is a strong believer in the concept of The Great Replacement, where people like him fear that Whites dominance and supremacy will be diminished and White people replaced through a combination of an influx of non-White immigrants and low White birth rates. One group of human beings believing that they have the God-given right to rule and dominate every other ethnic group, not to co-exist in harmony, but to maintain a superior position and status.

I just got my hand on the New Zealand terrorist’s so-called Manifesto. It’s a vile piece of propaganda of hate for all groups other than White.

Tryangle 2019-03-15 15:21:51 

Geezums. Some very disturbing concepts in that document and in the twitterverse on the hashtag.

SnoopDog 2019-03-15 16:10:11 

In reply to Tryangle

It wasn't "the Great Replacement" during the centuries of European, British, and American colonization and imperialism.

It boggles the mind how much naked unabashed ignorance and hate floats around these days as 'alternative opinions' in far right social media and comment sections and faux news organizations like Breitbart and Fox News.

And then you have coloured people like nitro, and maj the vaj, who not only subscribe to this stupidity but vote for politicians who want to legislate and govern by it's principles.