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HEADLINE: Guyana set to host Windies Womens's Champsionship 2019-03-15 15:50:47 

CWI Media Release- Guyana will host the annual WINDIES Women’s Championships. The double format tournament featuring the Colonial Medical Insurance Women’s Super50 Cup and the Women’s T20 Blaze will play concurrently from March 17- April 4 across four grounds in Guyana.
The National Stadium in Providence, Georgetown Cricket Club, Everest Cricket Club and Enmore grounds will host the Colonial Medical Insurance Women’s Super50 Cup, with three (3) matches per day across for five rounds. All five rounds of the T20 Blaze will be played at the National Stadium in Providence.

All four Colonial Medical Insurance Super50 Cup matches being played at the National Stadium will be streamed via and on the WINDIES cricket YouTube channel, as well as the night match of each round of the T20 Blaze.

The teams welcomed this added feature for the first time in the WINDIES Women’s championship, signaling Cricket West Indies continued plans of developing the coverage of women’s cricket in the region.

Hayley Matthews, Captain of Barbados, the defending Super50 Cup Champions said, “This is quite pleasing to see that CWI has really stepped up the support and improvement for the women’s tournament this year. It shows that we have the backing as players from the board to improve our games on the field while the board grows the sport off the field.”

Her Jamaican counter-part Stafanie Taylor, Captain of the defending T20 Blaze Champions and WINDIES Women’s captain, expressed similar sentiments, “It’s reassuring to us as regional players and ultimately WINDIES Women’s Players to see CWI improve the existing exposure of the tournament, especially after the successful hosting of the first ever stand-alone Women’s World T20. This is a step in the right direction to grow our women’s cricket to the levels of teams like Australia and England.

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camos 2019-03-15 17:07:23 

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Guyana not tired of being screwed by CWI, they always get to host things that lose money!


ray 2019-03-15 17:17:15 


when people don't show up, they gon say Guyanese don't support cricket

camos 2019-03-15 17:24:18 

that is all Guyana board getting for election support!