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HEADLINE: Skerritt: ‘Simmons was no mistake’ 2019-03-27 06:34:11 

Newly-elected Cricket West Indies president, Ricky Skerritt, says he intends to issue an apology to former head coach Phil Simmons, for recent controversial comments by his predecessor, Dave Cameron, who labelled the Trinidadian’s hiring as a “bad decision”.

And the former St Kitts and Nevis government minister, who stunned Cameron in last Sunday’s CWI elections in Jamaica, hinted that the regional governing body was poised to settle the long-running legal dispute over damages with Simmons.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with CMC Sports today, a passionate Skerritt said Simmons had been “very competent” in his time in charge of West Indies, and described his sacking as one of the low points in West Indies cricket during the last administration.

During the recent election campaign, Cameron told a Jamaica radio station that CWI “made a bad decision when we hired Phil and we had to get out of that situation”.

But Skerritt, who said he was involved in Simmons’s hiring, disagreed.

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Star 2019-03-27 13:11:10 

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I am advocating for Phill to return as CWI head coach after the apology.

camos 2019-03-27 13:17:08 

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was Skerritt on the board when Simmo was fired, and can't the board override the president on major personnel changes,what about legal counsel?

carl0002 2019-03-27 13:36:22 

Simmonds was a disaster as WI coach and should not return. I am not even sure why Skerritt thinks he need to apologize for somebody else's statement. Maybe he thinks it will make Simmonds not accept his Judgement or something.

Simmonds got what he was dishing out as WI coach. He unilaterally went ahead and retire Shiv without the selection committee and team management. They begged the man to make Shiv finish his career on his home ground and he was not going to have it. Everyone knew, even if Shiv didnt want to accept it that this was his last run. Simmonds made selection promises to all the Trini players which he could not deliver on. No wonder he wanted Shiv to depart immediately. Something happened to Simmonds between him being the coach of Ireland and landing the WI gig. He just started spouting off in the media and doing a whole bunch a shyte which just made you wonder if he was sane.

camos 2019-03-27 13:51:57 

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the Skerritt address the mistakes he made as manager in the past?

Jumpstart 2019-03-27 14:56:12 

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shiv was a gramps and his decision was justified when we won the third test vs england. Simmons won the wt20 for us with his band of ill treated players