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If I could only see Sarwan one last time

Spoilt101 2019-04-18 22:50:53 

Very premature end to a very exceptional player we miss out on at least 5 years of him.

FuzzyWuzzy 2019-04-18 22:56:05 

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Was he averaging 60?

Spoilt101 2019-04-18 23:08:03 

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No fuzzywuzzy he was not but a damn good player and better management he could have achieved a lot more.

imusic 2019-04-18 23:49:57 

If I could only see Sarwan one last time


DIEHARD 2019-04-19 00:27:15 

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Chrissy 2019-04-19 14:22:36 

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Sarwan was a good player - one more victim of the cabal

DIEHARD 2019-04-19 14:25:21 

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Maybe our best ODI batsman ever, compared to contemporaries and the state of the game at the time.

Chrissy 2019-04-19 14:29:57 

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I'll never forget when he was injured in England and they gave someone else the captaincy just so.

Jumpstart 2019-04-19 15:47:30 

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Seriously eh........Sarwan was a fantastic player. Then that ugly idiot Gibbo came and destroyed his confidence. I remember sarwan saying that wgen Gibbi was done, he went by his dad and didn't go out in publif for months. And some posters like Jen are upset when I say that Gibson set is back 30 years
Sar wan was a victim of Ottis, corrupt Hillaire and ineffectual Hunte while Emperor "IMF spoilt out cricket" Hillary Beckles accused the players of being mercenaries, ironically the same thing the big idiot accused them of

Jumpstart 2019-04-19 15:55:46 

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Dude.....after lara and chanders and gayle sarwan had the best avg of all the post 2000s players. Samuels avg is a joke, brathwaite cant get his out of the 30s, hope could get into the 30s if every team decided to rest pavers for a year

runout 2019-04-19 17:06:37 

sounds sort of desperate...Sarwan was ok...not missing much without him.

Jumpstart 2019-04-19 17:57:48 

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That is dumbest thing I've read on this thread

jelfew 2019-04-19 18:00:51 

It was a joy to see him bat. Just as good as Lara when it comes to entertaining the spectator with his batting.

runout 2019-04-19 18:10:44 

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Really??? What was so special about Sarwan?

I am not missing much not seeing him play. Is that dumb? Maybe you need to smarten up!

Jumpstart 2019-04-19 19:14:01 

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The year before Sarwan's exile by the ugly idiot, was he not the top scorer in the wisden tropby series we won in 09? Dude saran averages over 40. Only bravo in the current set up averages that high

Chrissy 2019-04-19 19:43:42 

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He sure was our best ODI batsman and he had a decent test average.
He was run out of cricket by the Hell posse -hope their phones still work

runout 2019-04-19 20:00:54 

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Agreed...however cricket today has loads of talented batsmen who easily surpasses Sarwan in terms of grace, elegance and production. I am not slighting him....just stating the obvious.

jelfew 2019-04-19 22:47:39 

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Are you talking CWI platers? Name 2.

Jumpstart 2019-04-19 23:45:33 

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Not West indies cricket right? Because as I said, of the current crop only Bravo averages over 40. If Sarwan had been english or Australian he would have been averaging in the 60s. Only West Indian destroy playears to suit their own myopic narrow interests.......examplified by Gibson, hillaire and hunte

Kay 2019-04-20 00:02:43 

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Because as I said, of the current crop only Bravo averages over 40

In what format of the game?

At least he does not average 40 in Tests, ODIs, T20Is, First-class, List A or T20s ….

Runs 2019-04-20 00:09:40 

Sarwan was a very good WI batsman whose career was cut short by vindictive Administrative members.

Spoilt101 2019-04-20 00:49:24 

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Sometimes I have to wonder how this administration get with all these things for years not only Sarwan but look at the current set of players Bravo, Pollard, Simmons, Edwards, Taylor.

Jumpstart 2019-04-20 01:35:41 

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If I'm not mistaken sarwan sued ugly man and the board and won a handsome settlement. Would not ease the disappointment but I'm sure it helped him in the second phase of his life. It's the reason I get upset with posters when they defend Gibson. He was a terrible coach. As i said, he set us back 30 years. Dave Cameron's modus operandi of blacklisting players started with hunte, hillaire and himself