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Kolkata ( Narine/Russell) vs Bangalore

Narper 2019-04-19 14:02:13 

Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss and have opted to field

Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI):
Parthiv Patel(w), Virat Kohli(c), Moeen Ali, Marcus Stoinis, Heinrich Klaasen, Akshdeep Nath, Pawan Negi, Dale Steyn, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI):
Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Nitish Rana, Robin Uthappa, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Prasidh Krishna, Harry Gurney

Narper 2019-04-19 14:32:03 

Parthiv Patel and Kohli are at the crease.

Parthiv Patel is on strike.

Gurney will open the attack

RemainsUnknown 2019-04-19 14:34:30 

In reply to Narper

Rant. Another game and a certain Hettmyer missing even if ABD not playing.

He really screwed himself over with those 4 consecutive failures. redface

Narper 2019-04-19 14:36:50 

Narine to Kohli, 2 runs, to deep square leg

ray 2019-04-19 14:38:09 

In reply to RemainsUnknown

they should put the man back in...oh well...he still getting paid

Narper 2019-04-19 14:38:29 

Narine to Kohli, no run, KKR's LBW review. Narine gets this to rip in big, beats Kohli's flick and finds his front pad. Now, it's struck him in front of leg, it's hit the knee roll as well in a massive stride. But it's not needed much convincing for the bowler or DK to take it up.In fact it's missed the leg-stump by another cool two stumps

mikesiva 2019-04-19 14:39:04 

In reply to Narper

It didn't take long for them to waste their review....

Narper 2019-04-19 14:40:30 

BANGALORE 7/0 (2.0) CRR: 3.5
Narine 1-0-4-0

bobby 2019-04-19 14:44:23 

In reply to RemainsUnknown

Hetty is only interested in his gurl fren. He can get away with that in the West Indies but not in a professionally managed team. Replaced by a no name player.

Narper 2019-04-19 14:46:37 

Narine to Parthiv Patel, out Caught by Nitish Rana!!

Parthiv Patel c Nitish Rana b Narine 11(11) [4s-2]

mikesiva 2019-04-19 14:46:55 

In reply to Narper

Narine strikes!

Narper 2019-04-19 14:48:19 

Narine to Kohli, FOUR, to deep mid-wicket
Gill gives away a four...poor fielding

Narper 2019-04-19 14:49:51 

BANGALORE 26/1 (4.0) CRR: 6.5

Kohli 13(12)
Akshdeep Nath 1(1)

Narine 2-0-13-1

RemainsUnknown 2019-04-19 15:01:23 

In reply to bobby

Sad, but true.
Hope he learns quickly for his benefit.

Narper 2019-04-19 15:02:48 

BANGALORE 47/1 (7.0) CRR: 6.71

A Russell 1-0-5-0

Narper 2019-04-19 15:05:30 

Kuldeep Yadav to Kohli, FOUR, more flight, this time drifting wide outside off.

Kuldeep Yadav to Kohli, FOUR, loopy dip, but Kohli's just too smart. He runs down, maybe yorking himself in the process, but why bother when you have bottom-hands as good as these .. drills it straight dow

Narper 2019-04-19 15:09:04 

BANGALORE 57/1 (8.0) CRR: 7.12

Akshdeep Nath 12(12)
Kohli 32(25

Narper 2019-04-19 15:13:18 

A Russell to Akshdeep Nath, out Caught by Uthappa!! Well this was coming. Nath was scratching around, playing a couple of shots every ball, and he succumbs to it again.

Akshdeep Nath c Uthappa b A Russell 13(15) [6s-1]

mikesiva 2019-04-19 15:13:34 

In reply to Narper

Russell strikes!

Narper 2019-04-19 15:16:31 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, SIX, to long-o

Narper 2019-04-19 15:22:30 

A Russell to Kohli, SIX, imperious from Kohli. Russell peppers it short, Kohli climbs into a great position and seizes on it. Muscling it some ten rows back over deep square leg. Dismissive from the Indian captain

Narper 2019-04-19 15:25:14 

BANGALORE 79/2 (11.0) CRR: 7.18

Moeen Ali 9(6)
Kohli 44(34)

A Russell 3-0-17-1

Narper 2019-04-19 15:26:55 

Chawla to Moeen Ali, SIX, to deep mid-wicket

Narper 2019-04-19 15:34:15 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, FOUR, to third man
Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, SIX,

Narper 2019-04-19 15:37:52 

Prasidh to Kohli, 1 run, fullish just outside off, Kohli drives it to mid-off and takes the single. Fifty for Kohli, his 37th half-century in the IPL and he gets a rousing reception from the Kolkata crowd. The RCB dug-out stands and applauds, Kohli waves his bat around to soak it all in

Kohli 50(40)

runout 2019-04-19 15:37:54 

Vi-king Kholi rocks...

Narper 2019-04-19 15:39:26 

Prasidh to Kohli, FOUR, to third man

Narper 2019-04-19 15:40:52 

Prasidh to Moeen Ali, FOUR, to third man

Narper 2019-04-19 15:41:34 

BANGALORE 122/2 (15.0) CRR: 8.13

Moeen Ali 40(22)
Kohli 55(42)

Narper 2019-04-19 15:42:22 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, FOUR, to long-off

Narper 2019-04-19 15:42:54 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, SIX, to deep mid-wicket. Ali is teeing off now. Reaches his fifty in style. His 3rd IPL half-century. Slower and Kuldeep went wider of off,

Narper 2019-04-19 15:43:28 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, FOUR, wow! Ali is full flow here. Kuldeep is not learning. Pitches it up in the slot, Ali keeps a solid base and dumps it straight down the ground

Narper 2019-04-19 15:43:59 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, SIX, it's raining fours and sixes here at the Eden Gardens. Kuldeep is being taken to the cleaners. Looped up just outside off, Ali shuffles across and blasts it over long-on

Narper 2019-04-19 15:45:02 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, wide
wow! This is brutal hitting from Ali. Third six off the over. Again Kuldeep hurls it quick and in the arc for Moeen, who waits deep in his crease and tonks it over long-off. "Merciless" is the word which pops up on the giant screen

Narper 2019-04-19 15:46:06 

Kuldeep Yadav to Moeen Ali, out Caught by Prasidh!! And Kuldeep Yadav has the final laugh but the damage has been done. What a knock from Ali

Moeen Ali c Prasidh b Kuldeep Yadav 66(28 ) [4s-5 6s-6]

runout 2019-04-19 15:46:42 

In reply to Narper

Moeen is a champ!

Narper 2019-04-19 15:47:15 

BANGALORE 149/3 (16.0) CRR: 9.31

Kohli 55(42)

Kuldeep Yadav 4-0-59-1

Narper 2019-04-19 15:51:15 

Gurney to Kohli, FOUR, swivel-pulled past short fine leg.

Narper 2019-04-19 15:52:43 

Gurney to Kohli, FOUR, squeezes the drive in the gap between cover and point.

Narper 2019-04-19 15:53:05 

Gurney to Kohli, SIX, straight down the ground

Narper 2019-04-19 15:53:43 

BANGALORE 168/3 (17.0) CRR: 9.88

Kohli 72(47)
Stoinis 1(1)

Narper 2019-04-19 15:55:10 

Sunil Narine [3.0-0-22-1] is back into the attack
Narine to Kohli, 1 run, 92kph,

Narper 2019-04-19 15:56:13 

Narine to Kohli, SIX, tripe. Drags it short and Kohli is so quick to latch onto that. Rocks back and dismisses it way back into the deep mid-wicket stands

Narper 2019-04-19 15:58:51 

BANGALORE 178/3 (18.0) CRR: 9.89

Stoinis 2(4)
Kohli 80(50

Narine 4-0-32-1

Narper 2019-04-19 16:01:10 

Prasidh to Kohli, 2 runs, length delivery, tailing in around off. Kohli drags it wide of long-on and shouts "Two". Puts in the hard yards and gets it

Prasidh to Kohli, SIX, to long-on

Prasidh to Kohli, FOUR, to deep extra cover

Prasidh to Kohli, 2 runs, to deep mid-wicket

Narper 2019-04-19 16:04:58 

Prasidh to Stoinis, FOUR, it doesn't matter for Stoinis. He joins the party as well.

Narper 2019-04-19 16:05:22 

BANGALORE 197/3 (19.0) CRR: 10.37

Stoinis 6(5)
Kohli 95(55)

Narper 2019-04-19 16:06:26 

Gurney to Kohli, 1 run, low full toss from Gurney, Kohli treks down the pitch and slams it to deep extra cover

Kohli 96*

Narper 2019-04-19 16:07:20 

Gurney to Stoinis, FOUR, Kuldeep is having a forgettable outing.

Narper 2019-04-19 16:07:49 

Gurney to Stoinis, SIX, to long-on

Narper 2019-04-19 16:08:56 

Gurney to Kohli, FOUR, the moment has arrived. Hundred for Kohli. His first this season and look at him go. Leaps up, roars in delight and brandishes his bat. Even the Kolkata crowd are going bonkers. Special knock from the Indian captain. Shuffles across his stumps and whiplashes it through mid-wicket. Kuldeep's miserable day continues as he fails to stop the ball near the fence

mikesiva 2019-04-19 16:10:04 

In reply to Narper

Russell three overs 1-17.

Narper 2019-04-19 16:10:18 

Gurney to Kohli, out Caught by Shubman Gill!! Finally, he's been dismissed. Fullish on middle, probably a tired shot from Kohli as he can't middle this swipe. It comes off the bottom and picks out Shubman at deep mid-wicket.

Kohli c Shubman Gill b Gurney 100(58 ) [4s-9 6s-4]

Narper 2019-04-19 16:26:17 

BANGALORE 213/4 (20.0)

Narper 2019-04-19 16:27:00 

Steyn to Chris Lynn, 1 run, dropped first ball! 140ks away swinger from Steyn and Chris Lynn was caught poking without any feet movement a thick edge flies to the right of Stoinis at first slip who gets a hand but fails to cling onto it

Narper 2019-04-19 16:27:48 

Steyn to Narine, FOUR, inswinger on middle and leg

Narper 2019-04-19 16:29:43 

Steyn to Chris Lynn, out Caught by Kohli!! Steyn is thrilled to bits and he totally deserves all of it. A full inswinger and Chris Lynn's lack of feet movement meant he chipped the drive straight down the throat of Kohli at mid-off. Came right off the cue end.

Chris Lynn c Kohli b Steyn 1(2)

Narper 2019-04-19 16:30:06 

KOLKATA 6/1 (1.0) CRR: 6 REQ: 10.95

Narper 2019-04-19 16:31:38 

Navdeep Saini to Narine, FOUR, to long-off clears his front leg and thrashes the pitched up delivery past the non-striker

Narper 2019-04-19 16:35:21 

Steyn to Narine, FOUR, to deep extra cover

Narper 2019-04-19 16:37:19 

Steyn to Narine, FOUR, to deep mid-wicket

Narper 2019-04-19 16:38:02 

Steyn to Narine, FOUR, to third man

Narper 2019-04-19 16:42:46 

Navdeep Saini to Narine, out Caught by Parthiv Patel!!

Narine c Parthiv Patel b Navdeep Saini 18(16) [4s-4]

Narper 2019-04-19 16:49:33 

Steyn to Shubman Gill, out Caught by Kohli!!

Shubman Gill c Kohli b Steyn 9(11) [4s-1]

Narper 2019-04-19 16:50:33 

KOLKATA 33/3 (5.0) CRR: 6.6 REQ: 12.07
Kolkata need 181 runs in 90 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 16:59:33 

KOLKATA 39/3 (7.0) CRR: 5.57 REQ: 13.46
Kolkata need 175 runs in 78 balls

Only Russell can come and shake thinsg up

Narper 2019-04-19 17:03:27 

KOLKATA 44/3 (8.0) CRR: 5.5 REQ: 14.17
Kolkata need 170 runs in 72 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 17:26:09 

Stoinis to Uthappa, out Caught by Negi!!

Uthappa c Negi b Stoinis 9(20) [4s-1]

Narper 2019-04-19 17:26:56 

Dre Russ comes in

KOLKATA 79/4 (11.5) CRR: 6.68 REQ: 16.53
Kolkata need 135 runs in 49 balls

cricketmad 2019-04-19 17:27:04 

In reply to Narper

KKR is a joke, too many pedestrians.

Narper 2019-04-19 17:29:45 

Chahal to A Russell, 1 run, tossed up delivery outside off,

Narper 2019-04-19 17:32:09 

Chahal to A Russell, wide, floated outside off, misses the tramline
Chahal to A Russell, SIX, to deep extra cover

Narper 2019-04-19 17:32:46 

KOLKATA 94/4 (13.0) CRR: 7.23 REQ: 17.14

Kolkata need 120 runs in 42 balls

A Russell 7(4)
Nitish Rana 38(25

Narper 2019-04-19 17:35:36 

Navdeep Saini to A Russell, FOUR, to deep backward point

Narper 2019-04-19 17:39:30 

KOLKATA 101/4 (14.0) CRR: 7.21 REQ: 18.83
Kolkata need 113 runs in 36 balls

A Russell 12(cool
Nitish Rana 40(27

Narper 2019-04-19 17:42:20 

Chahal to A Russell, SIX, just look at the power of this man!

Narper 2019-04-19 17:42:50 

Chahal to A Russell, SIX, successive sixes

Narper 2019-04-19 17:43:24 

Chahal to A Russell, SIX, to long-on

Narper 2019-04-19 17:43:54 

KOLKATA 121/4 (15.0) CRR: 8.07 REQ: 18.6

Kolkata need 93 runs in 30 balls

A Russell 30(11)
Nitish Rana 41(30

mikesiva 2019-04-19 17:44:14 

In reply to Narper

Six six six. The number of the beast!

Narper 2019-04-19 17:47:13 

Navdeep Saini to Nitish Rana, SIX, Rana brings up his fifty in style! Latches on to the short ball and smokes it over long-on for a massive six

Navdeep Saini to Nitish Rana, FOUR, boundaries flowing from both ends now! Rana goes deep in his crease and bludgeons the length delivery past the man at long-on. Good connection there!

Narper 2019-04-19 17:47:37 

Navdeep Saini to Nitish Rana, SIX, to deep mid-wicket

Narper 2019-04-19 17:55:11 

Siraj to A Russell, SIX, 150 up for Kolkata Knight Riders! Pitched up around off, Russell reaches out for it and tonks it over long-off - possibly for the longest six of the nigh

Siraj to A Russell, FOUR, hammered! Russell pounces on the width on offer and slams it past point. His front foot was in the air like a flamingo when he connected this one

Narper 2019-04-19 17:55:33 

KOLKATA 150/4 (16.3) CRR: 9.09 REQ: 18.29
Kolkata need 64 runs in 21 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 17:57:32 

Siraj to A Russell, no run, 127ks,

Big swing and miss

Narper 2019-04-19 18:01:34 

Steyn to Nitish Rana, SIX, Steyn goes the distance! Pitches this one on a full length around off and Rana goes down on his knee

Narper 2019-04-19 18:02:36 

Steyn to Nitish Rana, SIX, that's a home-run!

Narper 2019-04-19 18:02:49 

Kolkata need 47 runs in 14 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 18:05:17 

Steyn to Nitish Rana, FOUR, 18 runs of Steyn's final over! KKR need 43 off the remaining two. Full in length outside off, Rana pounces on the opportunity once again and thumps it over the infield at extra cover. That almost went the distance

Narper 2019-04-19 18:05:30 

KOLKATA 171/4 (18.0) CRR: 9.5 REQ: 21.5
Kolkata need 43 runs in 12 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 18:07:30 

Stoinis to A Russell, no run, well directed bouncer by Stoinis and Russell is forced

Stoinis to A Russell, no run, low full toss outside off and it's been creamed to the man at cover. Every ball has to be a boundary now
Stoinis to A Russell, wide, tries to bowl this one on the batsman's leg but ends up spraying it down the leg side
Stoinis to A Russell, no run, cramps the batsman for room by sliding this one on the pads, Russell can't get any bat on this as the ball clips his pads and rolls past short fine leg

Narper 2019-04-19 18:08:50 

Stoinis to A Russell, SIX, finally gets one right!

Narper 2019-04-19 18:09:36 

Stoinis to A Russell, SIX, to long-off, the partnership between A Russell and Nitish Rana is now

Narper 2019-04-19 18:09:57 

Andre Russell *53 (21

mikesiva 2019-04-19 18:09:57 

In reply to Narper

Russell half century off 21 balls!

Chrissy 2019-04-19 18:10:42 

In reply to mikesiva

24 from 6

Narper 2019-04-19 18:10:43 

Stoinis to A Russell, SIX, to long-off

Narper 2019-04-19 18:11:34 

KOLKATA 190/4 (19.0) CRR: 10 REQ: 24

Kolkata need 24 runs in 6 balls

A Russell 59(22)
Nitish Rana 78(43

Narper 2019-04-19 18:12:20 

Moeen Ali, right-arm off break, comes into the attack
Moeen Ali to bowl the final over of the match

Moeen Ali to Nitish Rana, no run, moves across to sweep this one but Moeen slide

Narper 2019-04-19 18:13:26 

Moeen Ali to Nitish Rana, 1 run, goes for a slog into the leg side and gets an inside edge towards backward

Kolkata need 23 runs in 4 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 18:13:52 

Moeen Ali to A Russell, SIX, four sixes needed off the final 4 balls

Narper 2019-04-19 18:14:32 

Moeen Ali to A Russell, no run

Kolkata need 17 runs in 2 balls

runout 2019-04-19 18:15:51 

Mooen Caps Russell. Game over!

Narper 2019-04-19 18:15:52 

Moeen Ali to A Russell, out A Russell Run Out!! Russell walks back after playing a gem. So near yet so far.

A Russell run out (Kohli/Moeen Ali) 65(25) [4s-2 6s-9]

Narper 2019-04-19 18:16:27 

Moeen Ali to Nitish Rana, SIX, to long-off

Narper 2019-04-19 18:16:48 

BANGALORE 213/4 (20.0)
KOLKATA 203/5 (20.0) CRR: 10.15
Bangalore won by 10 runs

Nitish Rana 85(46)

Narper 2019-04-19 18:21:05 

Fastest 50 in IPL 2019:
18 R Pant
21 A Russell - tonight
22 K Pollard
23 A Russell
24 D Warner

cricketmad 2019-04-19 18:21:56 

In reply to Narper

KKR got what they deserve .They cant keep leaving so much for Russel to do.

Narper 2019-04-19 18:34:14 

Virat Kohli, Man of the Match:
Felt really good, after what happened last year. Was important to have a win under our belt. There's no point in panicking. You got to leave it to the bowlers. Few good decisions by Stoinis and then Moeen in the end. They both showed composure and that's what you expect from our teams mates.