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On Second thought......Our Pacers

Jumpstart 2019-05-14 17:23:55 

May not be doing that badly. This CWC is going to be heavily biased in favor of batsmen. Pitches will be hard and flat. Additionally, looking at the matches the summer looks like its going to be pretty consistent. We know the English have no shame and would have maximized their advantage. Their struggles in the odis against the then 9th ranked team would have only emphasized to them that they needed to create conditions that would suit their batsmen perfectly. This tournament isn't going to be as sporting as the 99 world cup at all. Grenada conditions for the whole tournament

spider 2019-05-15 02:20:58 

In reply to Jumpstart

The ODI pitches in England have been flat for a while. Additionally, the white kookaburra won't swing or seam all that much. Bowlers will be in for a hard time mostly. The selectors and Holder say they will be banking on pace. Not sure that will turn out all that well. Problem is we don't have many good spinning options

Jumpstart 2019-05-15 12:57:03 

In reply to spider

exactly what i was saying bro. we could see teams batting second chasing 400+ totals