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HEADLINE: WINDIESí road to the 2019 War 2019-05-29 23:09:14 




Late 1980s–the decline ensues.

So many lows; consequently, low is now our standard. Like in the movies, surely someone shouts “could things get any worse?” Que the lowest of the low–the road to the Cricket World Cup 2019 takes us through the Qualifiers

But, praise be, for this other route, or the West Indies would be sitting out, as they did for the 2017 Champions Trophy. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

At news of the impending war, Leftenant Gayle–dark and stormy–holds his post in the front-line. He aligns himself with a lad who, seven months prior, in white armour, defended his nation, leading an assault on the English. Also a member of that front-line attack, the left-handed assassin out of Port of Spain, whose destructive nature falls victim to selective amnesia of the nation he defends. 

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