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Emir 2019-06-18 14:44:33 

Nevertheless, we should hope that they are right and that Iran is behind the attacks, because that would be a stupid but quite genuine attempt to stave off a full-scale war. If it’s a Saudi and UAE false-flag operation, with or without the tacit collaboration of Bolton and Pompeo, then the region is really headed for war.

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dayne 2019-06-18 16:30:43 

In reply to Emir

The issue with the credibility of the accusation, that Iran did the attacks on the ships is that the ships were from Japan and the President of Japan was in Tehran at the same time talking about negotiations. So the accusation looks shaky IMO.

embsallie 2019-06-18 21:45:18 

In reply to Emir

It is quite apparent that Bolton and Pompeo, the two biggest war mongers since Cheney are behind this latest episode involving Iran. Not even Trump has the appetite for what these guys are serving.
How has a Japanese ship and a Norwegian ship now become an "American interest" is beyond me.
All of that seems to be happening rather quickly without the aid of the "usual" allies. The US seem to have some "new" troublemakers as their Allies now, namely Israel, The Journalist killing nation of Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

If only Trump had kept that agreement in place instead of putting his big fat ego against Obama we would not be having that problem.
As it stands right now, I would not be happy as a parent or parents to see my son or daughter in any branch of the military being used as pawns in a crisis just to appease the ego of a draft-dodging Commander in Chief.
Accepting your kid in a body bag is no fun. Accepting your kid in a body bag for a crisis that could have been averted or had no merit in the first place is enough to make someone commit a crime of their own.

steveo 2019-06-18 22:10:09 

In reply to dayne

Yes only if Iran's motive is suicide would they be doing this. But we have seen this before in the pretext for bombing Syria in accusing them of using chemical weapons.

Emir 2019-06-19 01:50:28 

In reply to embsallie

Well said