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Emir 2019-06-20 13:31:27 

His insistence that he can work across the aisle with the GOP to get things done, the way it was done a while back when there was truly very little difference between both parties.

Today, because Trump and the White Nationalist version of the Republican Party has very little in common with traditional Republicans, the young turks in the Dems are scared of Biden's modus operandi

And for good reasons:

It is this Republican party- Mitch et all, that sabotaged Obama and the country in many critical areas by breaking that history of inter-party working across the aisle to get things done.

The GOP did so to derail the first black president among other reasons. The appointment of judges was hijacked by Mitch- 100 vacancies during Obama was not filled, now Trump is filling them and we are not even talking about the Supreme Court Nominee.

We all know, the most lasting policy of the government is those Judicial appointment- it far outlives the president, so while Trump's economic and political policies can be quickly adjusted and changed by a new president, the judiciary's white nationalist sympathies and their political Evangelical philosophy cannot be undo for generations- this will be the true Trump damage.

It is why the young Dems are going after Joe, because a Dem President will need to dish out Mitch like treatment to the Republicans to bring back equilibrium and Joe's paradigm isn't going to cut it and it is scary, the you g turks are looking for street fighter president who won't mind a brawl.

I advise him to leave the race now.

dayne 2019-06-20 14:20:34 

In reply to Emir

Very good article, the country and the world are at a pivotal period. Joe Biden thinks his way to winning the White House will be by riding the fence, being a little conservative and a little liberal at the same time.

Emir 2019-06-20 14:34:25 

In reply to dayne

Mitch McConnell really damaged Obama in his last term and the Dems in congress and the senate shhould let it slipped and the price we are paying the rise AND ASCENDANCY OF White Nationalist administration with a radical evangelical policies.

The most toxic political mixture one can imagine

Tryangle 2019-06-20 15:54:13 

In reply to dayne

Is there a place for centrists in the current US political climate? Seems that if the end goal is campaigning against Trump, one has to make that decision on specific policies.

embsallie 2019-06-20 16:35:49 

I heard that shit too and I don't like what I am hearing.
If that is what he wants to do, find another line of work.
The Republicans cannot continue in that vein of obstructionism and still wiggle their way out of it. We need someone who should remind them every day that what they are doing is old and is not going to work anymore.
I liked Obama, but he was a pacifist. he should have confronted these MoFo's and let the American people know at every turn who was standing in the way of progress.

Emir 2019-06-21 10:42:01 

In reply to Tryangle

Centrism is dead for now until the country moves too far left again- right now we are sooooooo far to the right, nay we are radical right, that we need re-balance things and to do so will require a longer movement on the left line.

POINT 2019-06-21 12:20:11 

In reply to Emir

In my opinion Your assessment is absolutely Correct . Biden still believes that the Republican Party
Members in the Senate will compromise
with him if he wins the Presidency .

That aint ever going to happen , because the Republicans in the Senate
have Collectively hitched thier Wagon
toTrump .

Quite frankly as You have suggested
Biden's thinking is of a Bygone Era . The thinking of many Americans these days is tainted with covert &
overt Racism .

Look at the freaking fact that in some Cities White Policemen are indulging in Covert & Overt Racism .

Thanks to Trump , Racism is resurging in America and what is
frightening is that Persons sworn to
uphold the Law are in the Vanguard of those hell bent on breaking the
Law .

My take is that the Presidency of
Barack Obama 8 years in the White House , is the genesis of Overt Racism in America ; and it is fuelled , by Trump's Behaviour & Attitude .

dayne 2019-06-21 13:00:23 

In reply to Tryangle

There is a place for a centrist Politician in American politics and I think Biden is the man to be that one. Because the country's two parties are under the control of the two extreme wings, Biden because he has the name recognition, the background and the personality, he can gain the Votes of the independents who are enough to swing a Presidential Election and thus give him a win. He first have to make it out of the minefield, which is the Democratic primaries.