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The no expectations low expectations wagon

Larr Pullo 2019-06-20 17:51:55 

When can we roll it again? When is the WI next game?

RemainsUnknown 2019-06-20 18:10:13 

In reply to Larr Pullo

sunday (d/n game)

powen001 2019-06-21 01:45:24 

In reply to Larr Pullo

big grin

Sounds like A Fence Setter Wagon lol lol lol


Say it aint so!

Khaga 2019-06-21 01:48:50 

In reply to RemainsUnknown

Against? NZ?

openning 2019-06-21 01:48:58 

In reply to powen001
I just listened to the podcast from Andrew's show.
One of the better ones, especially the discussion between Tony Gray and the Sportsman guy.

powen001 2019-06-21 01:54:36 

In reply to openning


NineMiles 2019-06-21 07:49:05 

In reply to Larr Pullo

Reserve a seat for me lol

nitro 2019-06-21 10:22:33 

England must win today. Their remaining matches are tough, even for the numero uno team.

NineMiles 2019-06-22 15:05:37 

Time to take up my seat on the low expectation wagon. lol

NineMiles 2019-06-22 15:07:25 

Great timing Ninesy at Ross Taylor departs lol

Larr Pullo 2019-06-22 15:10:14 

ho hum...still time to be chasing 450... lol lol lol

NineMiles 2019-06-22 15:19:10 

In reply to Larr Pullo

NZ eh making 300 but the problem is WI not making even 200. cool

bolls 2019-06-22 15:20:51 

In reply to NineMiles

Correct is right. But NZ making above 350.

Larr Pullo 2019-06-22 16:10:14 

Expectations low but respect due to Cotterel...

NineMiles 2019-06-22 16:18:17 

In reply to Larr Pullo

Soljah boy is on fyah lol

Larr Pullo 2019-06-22 16:19:32 

In reply to NineMiles

Soljah boy warring!! Pity he's the only one... lol lol lol

Larr Pullo 2019-06-22 17:50:37 

Stay there fellas!!!

Larr Pullo 2019-06-22 18:02:48 

Tek yuh time please Hety. I have expectations!!!

NineMiles 2019-06-22 19:13:18 

In reply to Larr Pullo

You should know better. It was obvious from the start that WI would struggle to make 200.

Our batting is extremely weak and we'll even struggle against the Afghans.