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HEADLINE: Javelle Glenn from not knowing what cricket was at 13 to CPL at 20 2019-11-19 13:25:58 

Thursday October 24, 2019:

Admittedly, I was late for my 1pm chat with, 21-year-old rising star, Javelle Glenn, at the Melbourne Cricket Club. It was pouring, again, as is precedent for most of my encounters with Kingston these days, and when I sat down, in a less than quiet place, to speak with the left-hander, I was soaking wet—dripping from cap to sneakers! But, the show, or talks in this case, went on.

Your first memories of cricket?

Well I started from about, like, 13-years-old. The reason I started playing cricket was [because] I went with my cousin to Melbourne Cricket Club. I would actually come here (Melbourne Cricket Club) for fun. I’d like to just look what he’s doing, [because] every day I'd see him, after school, coming to this club.

You were in high school at the time?

Yes. So, I [started to] come with him now and see him playing cricket. But, I didn’t know what the sport was, right?

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natty_forever 2019-11-19 13:38:15 

All the best to you young man!