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Guyanese US attorney arrested

maj 2019-12-01 21:15:06 

Power drunk

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StumpCam 2019-12-01 21:20:39 

In reply to maj

Why you spreading rumors? She is American by birth! razz

BeatDball 2019-12-01 21:30:50 

In reply to maj Think they are in the third world - I'm big & powderful, so I can get away with it, like tea & water...NOT!

BeatDball 2019-12-01 21:33:01 

In reply to StumpCam You are, who your parents & grandparents are! Full stop.


Norm 2019-12-01 21:37:58 

In reply to maj

She's probably on Black's list of Famous People of Guyanese Heritage. If not, they should add her. After all, she's in the news in the US, AND she was born to US Guyanese parents. smile

camos 2019-12-01 22:04:59 

charges will be dropped!

black 2019-12-01 22:12:30 

In reply to Norm

She'll be added to the next list with no mention of the arrest. lol

Dan_De_Lyan 2019-12-01 22:17:23 

In reply to black

new category: With Guyanese ancestry: Drunk

black 2019-12-01 22:32:03 

In reply to Dan_De_Lyan

lol lol

Runs 2019-12-01 22:40:38 

In reply to Norm


maj 2019-12-01 22:58:21 

In reply to StumpCam

She is of Guyanese heritage.

maj 2019-12-01 22:59:50 

In reply to Norm

The thought did cross my mind to start an infamous Guyanese thread. big grin

Norm 2019-12-01 23:02:32 

In reply to maj

Should be a fairly easy list to compile. Just start with Black's list. smile

Curtis 2019-12-01 23:02:43 

WTF, alyuh sound glad she got arrested.

Hope she get the fcuk off

alfa1975 2019-12-02 01:01:19 

In reply to camos Know her. She was my younger daughter's room mate for freshman year at Duke.
Post seemed to have gone to town on her personal bio/details though.
Please cut her some slack.

Larr Pullo 2019-12-02 01:29:34 

Almost a real life 'Queen and Slim' situation. BTW...excellent movie... smile smile

Dan_De_Lyan 2019-12-02 01:56:33 

In reply to Curtis

No one is above the Law. Impeach!!!

Bet a Black cop nailed her. Only after she pomp scene...
In Guyana, she would have paid for some fried Rice for the road block.

alfa1975 2019-12-02 02:13:32 

b]In reply to camos[/b] Lady's behaviour might be questionable.
The driver passed the sobriety test.What was the basis for the stop.Profiling ?.
Be reminded, that now some NYC judges and DAs are questioning NYPD tactics.

camos 2019-12-02 02:27:08 

In reply to alfa1975

bro! my comment is that the charges will be dropped, looks like there was no probably cause for the stop.

goofballs 2019-12-02 02:32:47 

Why so much splash about nothing?

maj 2019-12-02 03:17:00 

In reply to camos

How do you come to the conclusion the stop was illegal?

camos 2019-12-02 13:32:43 

In reply to maj

the cops would have charged the driver with the violation that prompted the stop, particularly since the incident escalated to that level.

ray 2019-12-02 15:00:06 

she related to that lawyer in Guyana who cuss out the cops? big grin

maj 2019-12-02 16:40:53 

In reply to camos

Maybe after the proceedings they decided to give him a break because he was cooperative.

Probably felt sorry for him having to deal with a crazy person.

maj 2019-12-02 16:41:29 

In reply to ray

Haha..yes. Ryan "bleeping " Crawford

camos 2019-12-02 17:04:51 

In reply to ray

she related to that lawyer in Guyana who cuss out the cops?

that incident came to mind! must be a GT thing
lol lol lol

Star 2019-12-02 17:19:12 

In reply to maj
Not a thinking Attorney given the circumstances and by the way her birth place is the United States.

maj 2019-12-02 17:37:06 

In reply to Star

Yes we know she was born in the US.

Dan_De_Lyan 2019-12-03 00:59:50 

she related to !@#!$@%@%#%#%##^%# damn Crawford?
lol lol lol

alfa1975 2019-12-03 03:56:07 

In reply to Dan_De_Lyan WOW!.Let me again state, I know the young lady.
A number of posters on this thread also, like, the New York Post, have gone off on a tangent,that of being on a power trip etc.
Presently the only things that she is guilty of are 1) She is Black, 2)She is of Guyanese descent, and 3) She is an Assistant US Attorney in Washington DC.
Instead of wishing her well in this situation, she is being tarred because she is of Guyanese descent, and that her alleged behaviour is a reflection of her Guyanese ancestry.
No one is looking at the stop.Did she challenge the NYPD policemen after the sobriety test proved negative?.
Oh damn...She is an Assistant US Attorney...and she is black!.

maj 2019-12-03 07:57:48 

In reply to alfa1975

So she was not interfering with the police's investigation??

If he refuses to blow he is subject to be arrested and lose is license.

Did she resist arrest?

Where you there?

She is not guilty of being a black woman of Guyanese descent.

She is allegedly guilty of using her position to intimidate the officers.

Stop pulling the race card.

We all make mistakes hopefully she can come out of this with little damage.

Kay 2019-12-03 15:34:19 

Let the court decide folks .....