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HEADLINE: UPDATE WITH REGARD TO CPL 2020 2020-03-23 14:04:55 

In light of recent media reports and as the effects of the COVID-19 virus impacts people around the world there has been some understandable speculation with regard to the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL) season which is scheduled to take place from 19 August to 26 September 2020. 

CPL has been in constant communication with our medical advisors in recent weeks, as well as speaking with Cricket West Indies about the current situation with regard to cricket around the world, and at present there has been no discussion about moving the event. 

CPL believes it is too early to make such a decision, but this is an evolving situation and we are carefully watching how events unfold in the Caribbean and around the world. 

At present the CPL team are planning for the tournament to take place as scheduled whilst also looking at alternative plans should they be needed. 

Our thoughts at this time are with the many CPL fans, players and staff from around the world who have been impacted by this crisis and we hope that they and their families stay safe and healthy.  

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Ayenmol 2020-03-23 16:23:30 

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Man, the people need 6 months to train...and if they train and then you all cancel within a month or two...what will they do?

Their bodies might explode from all that pent up training, dont you know?