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Editorial....For TT women, no safe zones,women continue to die.

sgtdjones 2021-11-06 17:51:04 

Editorial....For TT women, no safe zones

MURDERS of women continue unabated in this country.
That has been confirmed by the fact that in the month in which the family of Ashanti Riley marked a year since her murder by lighting deyas and candles at her grave in San Juan on Tuesday, yet another tragic case involving a young woman being killed has occurred.Divali is supposed to symbolise the triumph of light over darkness, but what came to light over the public holiday on Thursday was that the worst fears of the family of 27-year-old Kezia Guerre had come true.

Ms Guerre’s body was dug up from a four-foot-deep grave in the forest, some 300 feet from Santa Barbara Road in Maracas, St Joseph. She was last seen by loved ones a few days ago. Instead of preparing to celebrate her birthday later this month, they must now mourn her death as the nation adds her name to a long and seemingly unending list.Ms Riley’s death was followed by the murder of Andrea Bharat earlier this year. The latter was regarded by many as a breaking point, a moment when the nation took stock and took to the streets in candlelight vigils, saying, “Enough is enough.”

But we see today that not enough progress has been made.“Crimes of passion,” “mistaken identity,” “in the wrong place at the wrong time” – these are the arbitrary labels that officials sometimes apply to killings, often as a way to suggest little could have been done.The law has only benefited police, not the people who need it most.

Meanwhile, women continue to die.

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Mom of woman found dead in river:
A monster killed my daughter

After identifying her daughter’s brutalised body, which was found floating in the Guayamare River, Caroni, on Sunday evening, Sandra Baboolal spent hours weeping at her Enterprise home on Monday.

“I can’t believe they do that to my daughter. Nobody can believe they do this to her. She was a nice girl. She did not deserve this,” Baboolal told Guardian Media in a telephone interview last night.

Baboolal said she was still trying to come to terms with her daughter’s untimely and brutal end.

“They rape her because she had no clothes underneath (when I saw her body). She was wearing a vest and brassiere. She had no tights, no panties and no slippers,” Baboolal cried in anguish.

The distraught mother added, “Crime not nice. I never expected this to happen to my daughter. Anything else but not this boy, this was brutal. I went and see her today. That was brutal. Women are not supposed to go so. My daughter was a nice girl. She not supposed to die so.”

Expressing outrage, Baboolal said, “Women make sons who become monsters like that. How could they do a woman like that? You don’t have sisters, a mother, cousins, no girl children? To do a woman something like that?”

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