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Guyana bows to China

WI_cricfan 2021-11-10 14:52:51 

Yes Master we will do what you say

Foreign Minister Hugh Todd yesterday reiterated Guyana’s “unswerving” commitment to a One China Policy.

He made the declaration during a courtesy call from China’s new Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, according to a release from Takuba Lodge.

In February this year a surprise announcement on the setting up of a Taiwan office here left Beijing incandescent. The arrangement was quickly terminated by Georgetown leaving it to face embarrassing questions about what had happened since Guyana had had a longstanding One China Policy that did not countenance any official contact with Taiwan.

dayne 2021-11-10 16:11:49 

In reply to WI_cricfan

Well that's happens when the country is looking for the 1.5 billion loan or investment from China, they just got bought.

camos 2021-11-10 16:28:31 

In reply to dayne

Money talks,bullshit walks, what has Taiwan offered?

steveo 2021-11-10 16:34:37 

In reply to WI_cricfan

I am sorry we didnt consult you before we bow...

So only to the traditional white powers, is it???

carl0002 2021-11-10 20:34:00 

That admission was probably part of the loan agreement. big grin

StumpCam 2021-11-10 20:51:39 

In reply to WI_cricfan

So does that also rule out a One India Policy?? lol lol

WI_cricfan 2021-11-10 21:04:13 

In reply to StumpCam

there is a song that aptly describes Guyana (soon to be called Chuyana)

Thorn between two loves and feeling like a fool

BTW did you get you piece of land they giving out

Halliwell 2021-11-10 21:10:31 

In reply to steveo

Right on

StumpCam 2021-11-10 21:22:04 

In reply to WI_cricfan

Where are they giving out land, Essequibo???

WI_cricfan 2021-11-10 21:33:00 

In reply to StumpCam

10K lots to be given on in 2021

StumpCam 2021-11-10 21:51:41 

In reply to WI_cricfan

I guess I’ll miss out, since I am neither low-income nor young professional! evil

Norm 2021-11-10 22:39:40 

In reply to WI_cricfan
Guyana being paid handsomely to bow! Much, much more than the supposedly filthy rich US and West, could ever dream of paying!

Barry 2021-11-11 00:13:52 

a whore is a whore, 2 cents or a thousand and more confused