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Alan 2021-11-12 08:15:36 

This war criminal and rascal wrongly admired and revered by much of the white political establishment in the U.S and the illinformed black diaspora had a very dark history as a willing servant of U.S murderous imperialist wars all over the globe.Covid 19 caught up with the scoundrel last month for his sins.Good riddance.This was a monster who delivered a 76 minute address to the U.N Security Counsel in 2003 about fictional WMDs in Iraq that never existed.Powell was a central and believeable figure in the conspiracy because of his senior military background.But Powell's bad behaviour serving the interests of his white imperialist warmongering masters go way back to Panama in what Al Jazeera calls "the bomblasted devastation of Panama in 1989".Way back to Vietnam.The murderous wars in Iraq in 1991 and 2003 killed hundreds of thousands of overwhelmingly Iraqi civilians.Powell you are not a BLACK HERO.YOU WERE A in peace NOT!(Al Jazeera report)

Alan 2021-11-12 08:47:28 

It was Harry Belafonte who put matters into a proper perspective in 2002.He called the likes of Powell a "house slave".A "slave from the plantation"invited into the white master's house.Harry said..when you enter the white master's house you have to do his bidding.Well articulated Harry.
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