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July 1990 won’t happen again but experts warn T& T...

sgtdjones 2021-11-14 03:39:01 

July 1990 won’t happen again but experts warn T&T

T&T facing different terror threat
Deepening social and economic problems,Times have changed since the attempted coup of July 1990. Those who wish to destabilise society and carry out illegal acts have developed new ways of doing it and so law enforcement authorities must be prepared for the new world of terrorism and criminal activities.This was the view of several experts who commented on increasing criminal activity across the country.

The bloody rampage in T&T continues as 2021 winds down. According to statistics from the T&T Police Service (TTPS), between January and September, there were 287 murders. The reported murder total for 2020 was 393.
Given the economic and social problems in this country, is the country at risk of another 1990?
According to criminologist Renée Cummings, T&T should be prepared for any situation and can’t afford to be caught off guard.She acknowledged that criminals could use the leadership void in the TTPS to raise the levels of their attacks.

Noting that criminals have changed the way they carry out their nefarious activities, Cummings advised: “AI can be used to enhance the intensity of a terrorist attack or to amplify the potential of groups with grievances—legitimate or perceived grievances—or disruptive elements to disseminate extremist propaganda and spread disinformation campaigns across social media. That could incite violence on the streets. Thirty-one years ago was a very long time, the world is not the same.“As inconvenient as it might be a roadblock is rather a low level when compared to radical elements going dark and deep inside the dark web where they can communicate more quickly, covering expanding distances, and conspire through encrypted applications, avoiding detection, as they radicalize, recruit, raise funds, make tutorials available and buy and transfer weapons. You don’t want to be caught off guard by innovative terrorist ambitions and other malicious actors.”

“Given the abysmal detection rate in Trinidad and Tobago over the last 15 or more years and the consistently high homicide rates, it would be safe to say that those with criminal intent are certain they could get away with crime. What we need to focus on would be declining trust in our democratic institutions, if there are sufficient outlets for citizens to voice their concerns and be confident that they will be heard.

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