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Predict.1st day many overs

shivnotout 2021-11-21 06:06:05 

will he bowl

shivnotout 2021-11-21 06:06:38 

I say 35 overs

1st session

Rahkeem Cornwall 9-3-19-0

SL 53/0 (22.2)

Day 1: 1st Session

Onionman0 2021-11-21 06:45:12 

In reply to shivnotout

Minimum 23.... big grin

shivnotout 2021-11-21 14:57:28 

In reply to Onionman0

Rahkeem Cornwall


he look very tired,might not take the field 2nd day


Onionman0 2021-11-21 15:16:37 

In reply to shivnotout

Missed the mark by three big grin..... Day 2 , he will open the bowling with Gabriel.....

shivnotout 2021-11-21 15:34:02 

In reply to Onionman0

Missed the mark by three

you saying e lost 3 ounces? lol

Narper 2021-11-21 18:17:25 

In reply to shivnotout

how many overs will he bowl?????

hmmmmm in training to b a bookie


shivnotout 2021-11-22 01:28:00 

In reply to Narper

me cash in. ed


Onionman0 2021-11-22 01:47:14 

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lol lol

Onionman0 2021-11-22 01:48:26 

In reply to shivnotout

Wicket full 2nd day coming....