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Steve Smith is recommended by selectors

allan 2021-11-21 21:27:55 

To become captain again
Wow - couldn’t imagine that happening in the West Indies or England

sudden 2021-11-21 22:13:33 

In reply to allan

Lara captained twice

allan 2021-11-21 23:53:34 

Lara used sand paper?

sudden 2021-11-22 00:13:41 

In reply to allan

On his bats

allan 2021-11-22 00:55:10 

Sure suddenly foolish

InHindsight 2021-11-22 01:15:30 

In reply to allan

Bruh I see nothing wrong in Smith being captain again. He's paid his dues. What's he disciplinary record?



allan 2021-11-22 15:13:01 

In reply to InHindsight

Really he paid his dues
Did Yagga Richard Austin ( Packer rebels) and Hansie pay their dues but were they ever forgiven
One set of rule?

conman 2021-11-22 15:15:30 

In reply to allan

what did smith do?

Dukes 2021-11-22 15:28:15 

In reply to sudden

Lara captained twice

Actually 3 times!!!

sudden 2021-11-22 15:39:35 

In reply to Dukes

Makes it worstest big grin

CricSham 2021-11-22 15:58:25 

In reply to allan
[b]Lara used sand paper?

No he did not and neither did Smith. But that does not excuse Smith. He knew and withhold the information.
Lara undermined his own team repeatedly - a dastardly deed. Anyone who has ever played a team sport understands that.

DonD 2021-11-22 16:13:13 

In reply to Dukes
Goddard twice.

Walco 2021-11-22 21:02:25 

In reply to allan
Apparently you forgot that Pooran was elevated to West Indies vice captain shortly after being charged and pleading guilty to ball tampering.

allan 2021-11-22 21:13:27 

In reply to Walco

He was never made captain…
Plus t20 isn’t even real cricket imo

Walco 2021-11-22 21:15:04 

In reply to allan
OK, I will remind you of this thread when Pooran is made captain of the T20 team smile

allan 2021-11-22 22:22:01 

In reply to Walco

Jason Holder needs to be captain of all formats