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So is Jamaica B better than West Indies?

Slipfeeler 2022-01-13 23:53:20 

I am extremely alarmed by the West Indies ODI team disappointing lost to Ireland by 5 wickets, especially considering that a young Jamaican team overwhelmingly beat Ireland with an easy 5 wicket victory.
I do not want to hear any nonsense arguments about Ireland not taking a warm-up game seriously when we know that no team plays to lose any match. It’s high time for some fans to discontinue to bury their heads into the sand and face the reality that this West team is pitifully poor.
I would not be surprised that if a match was arranged between WI and Jamaica B, that it’s a very likely that WI would also lose to Jamaica B.
How much lower can WI go?

FanAttick 2022-01-14 00:04:58 

In reply to Slipfeeler

How Greaves playing ahead of Rovman Powell?

openning 2022-01-14 00:23:01 

In reply to FanAttick
You want Rovman to open?
You send like the fans from the Lower Island, who wanted a Shillingford to be selected instead of David Allen.
David was a Wicketkeeper, Shillingford an Allrounder.
Lets be real.

mikelegend 2022-01-14 00:27:42 

With the form Brandon King displayed recently, he should have been the other opener in the absence of Lewis. Even ‘unfit’ Hemraj should have gotten the opportunity.

Drapsey 2022-01-14 00:29:41 

In reply to openning

Greaves can't even open him mout.

Joseph, our #11 batsman, would do a lot better than him.

imusic 2022-01-14 00:29:45 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Agreed. Nicholson Gordon and Marquino Mindley alone would have dismissed this Irish team for under 150

Hopefully the selectors can come to their senses and have Jamaica B (altho Fanattick called them Jamaica C earlier in the week so they must have.been promoted) fully represent West Indies in the 3rd and final ODI

openning 2022-01-14 00:34:14 

In reply to Drapsey
That selection was for the musicman.
Never go to the races with him, he would bet on a donkey before a horse.


Slipfeeler 2022-01-14 00:34:22 

In reply to imusic

How much lower can we as a team go? This is way past shameful now!

imusic 2022-01-14 00:38:56 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Let me see

51 vs England in 2021 T20 World Cup

Lose to Kenya in World Cup

47 all out against England at Sabina Park

Shall I continue?

Drapsey 2022-01-14 00:39:05 

In reply to Slipfeeler

I have something to post on the subject, but waiting on Jumpstart to show up.

openning 2022-01-14 00:39:37 

In reply to Slipfeeler
It is sad, I have not seen any improvement from the batsman.
Brooks is the only one, seem to be working away from competition.

Yadi 2022-01-14 01:43:20 

West Indies need Evin Lewis and Shimron Hetmyer? rolleyes

Windiesfan78 2022-01-14 02:10:10 

In reply to openning

Brooks has played well despite the dross around him. Hope seems to be low on confidence, he is better than this. Greaves needs to NEVER play for the West Indies again. He is a poor player. Pooran needs to bat lower down the order. I could go on but I can't be bothered.

Brerzerk 2022-01-14 03:09:18 

I music your attempt at whataboutizm is beneath you and your usual contributions

Chrissy 2022-01-14 12:32:15 

In reply to Slipfeeler

No -- they all suck

anthonyp 2022-01-14 13:10:59 

Let dem know slippy, Jamaica C is way better than the Polly and friends team lol

Powell and company would put a trashing on this weak Ireland team smile

analyst-kid 2022-01-14 15:33:54 

Alas they are no batsmen in the squad available to replace. The Bajans are playing no domestic cricket but still I am sick of seeing Hope and Chase failing home and away.

Pooran and Hope have to show some character in the next match. Five batsmen Hope Chase Greaves Pooran and Holder consistently failing is horrible.

Slipfeeler 2022-01-14 18:13:34 

As I was telling my Baje Co-worker today that Brooks is really looking the part as an ODI Batsman but some others are faltering against a weak Ireland team.

Headley 2022-01-15 01:54:41 

In reply to analyst-kid

Five batsmen Hope, Chase, Greaves, Pooran and Holder consistently failing is horrible.

Hope, Chase, Greaves and Holder are lead footed and cannot play out of the crease. After a few well-pitched up balls they try to play from the crease and are lbw candidates or get out (poking at the ball) caught behind or in slips. Hope has forgotten how to play on the front foot.

Pooran just loves to hit the ball in the air. He is like an addicted gambler.

These guys are well paid whether they succeed or fail. It will be hard to convince them to change before they get dropped.

JamMack 2022-01-15 13:30:46 

If the goal or the question is to see how much lower can WI cricket team go, then there certainly is some more work to do to get lower. Currently they are the worst I’ve ever seen on an international cricket scene, but the fact is that they continue to participate (notice I did not say compete) in international cricket as an assembled group without a sponsor or national flag. The next step should be bold enough to administratively bury the colonial bunch of misfits who lack the necessary management, coaching, sponsorship, anthem, patriotism, objectivity and pride to represent a region that is so blessed with raw cricketing talent. End it now please!

Go it alone Jamaica! Go it alone Trinidad! Go it alone Barbados! Go it alone Guyana! Go it alone Leewards & Windwards! Restore the aforementioned attributes and characteristics required for success. The people in the region are no longer interested in cricket because for them WI cricket is at the helm of the sport. If the top of their cricket ladder was to deliver for their country of birth then the patriotic enthusiasm in the game would return and the people of the respective nations would put their best foot forward (bat & pad close together) and hold their players accountable for their actions an inactions. We should have done this a long time ago. Now teams like Afghanistan, Uganda, Ireland, Scotland & UAE are on the verge of overstepping Cricket West Indies. rolleyes rolleyes

Windiesfan78 2022-01-15 16:53:17 

In reply to JamMack

This would really hurt me. The day there is no longer a W.I team is the day I would stop following cricket, just like how I stopped following basketball when Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen retired from the Chicago Bulls. Going alone is a not an option in my books and would show a defeatist attitude. If teams such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Ireland and Scotland can improve with time, I am not prepared to give up on this team. It is a poor team but it is my poor team.

Slipfeeler 2022-01-15 19:02:59 

I strongly believe that players’ performances would improve if they are paid based on performance, instead of giving them a blanket check contract.

Headley 2022-01-15 19:09:17 

In reply to Slipfeeler

That nonsense only works in places where they insist on applying performance management techniques. You must be a 'Big Idiot'. big grin

Slipfeeler 2022-01-15 20:28:37 

In reply to Headley

So Bigger Idiot, what is stopping the application of performance management techniques here?
Are you saying that WI team is somehow immune to performance management? Maybe that might be the reason for their consecutive matches devoid of creditable performances and subsequently losses.
Why beat up the messenger when we have a very poor team to fix?

Windiesfan78 2022-01-15 20:58:38 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Performance based incentives would be quite interesting since the men are largely motivated by money. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some sort of improvement.

DIEHARD 2022-01-16 14:59:12 

In reply to FanAttick

"How Greaves playing ahead of Rovman Powell?"

I just had this same thought looking at Greaves against this seam bowling, thinking that surely Rovman would have been more suited to open in these conditions than Greaves.

Rovman would love this, no spin in sight

nitro 2022-01-16 15:04:11 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Time to Go It Alone

laynew 2022-01-16 16:25:23 

In reply to nitro

Time to pack it in so that people stop using West Indies cricket as a means to get rich without any results!!!

FanAttick 2022-01-16 21:34:00 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Irie-Land destroyed Ireland

Now Ireland is destroying the West Indies lol

Slipfeeler 2022-01-17 23:23:29 

What’s the real problem? Is it really that every other cricketing nations have surpassed West Indies in the ability to perform consistently in international cricket or is it that our players are lazy and refused to apply themselves consistently?

XDFIX 2022-01-18 00:36:08 

In reply to Slipfeeler

Throw the Windies a bone, they won one game!

Slipfeeler 2022-01-18 14:53:21 

In reply to XDFIX

We are talking about Ireland here. I think Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana, maybe even Windwards should be able to beat Ireland comfortably, just as Jamaica B.
So the bar is not high for WI and you are referring to "one Game"?
big grin big grin

mikelegend 2022-01-18 15:02:46 

In reply to Slipfeeler

I agree.

nitro 2022-01-19 18:52:44 

Time to go it alone.
We can find some young Nash playing in Aussie.

Yardies plant seed all over the world.

Slipfeeler 2022-01-19 19:00:36 

In reply to nitro

Think about it, Ireland is actually going alone, although I think any regional team should be able to beat them, notwithstanding WL Series lost. However, we cannot the demolish the last of two vestiges binding the West Indian islands, The UWI and West Indies cricket.

nitro 2022-01-20 17:38:43 

In reply to Slipfeeler


Can Jamaica undertake tours on its own?

Slipfeeler 2022-01-21 16:32:58 

In reply to nitro

Sure! If Jamaica can undertake FIFA World Cup Tours and Track & Field Tours all over the world, then Cricket would just be an addition. Man we even have two teams in the Winter Olympics, so bring on the tours.
big grin big grin

Tryangle 2022-01-21 16:41:41 

You'd have to hope to get Full Member status very quickly. Associate members don't really go on tours except as part of official ICC tournaments, they don't get that near the level of funding that CWI currently enjoys.