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Sir Everton's son passes.....

nissan 2022-05-10 22:57:04 

Not David - Andy.

Was drummer for the Sandpebbles and sang lead on "I am a Barbadian"

VoopsandOut 2022-05-10 23:22:51 

the video for that song was hilarious! RIP

Chrissy 2022-05-11 00:05:21 

In reply to nissan
Deepest sympathy - how many sons did Everton have?

openning 2022-05-11 00:44:05 

In reply to Chrissy
I believe only two, that the public was aware of.
May Andy RIP
David is the only West Indies international cricketer, I played with, we got our coaching at the junior level from Foffie Williams at Wesley Hall Primary school.

Chrissy 2022-05-11 01:54:35 

In reply to openning
Well then I am not di public

openning 2022-05-11 03:07:20 

In reply to Chrissy
I am referring to the Barbados public, when I first met David.

velo 2022-05-11 13:25:09 

suprising david murray out lived his father and brother he is a hardcore druggie

openning 2022-05-11 13:36:08 

In reply to velo
As a Rasta, he maybe living off the land and the sea.
I must say he has good memory, when he can come up to me in a restaurant, call me by name after 40 years, tells me his memory is still good.

tc1 2022-05-11 14:22:08 

In reply to openning

Andy maybe was a better batsman than David, When the Aussie school boys toured the WI Andy was the best bajan bat, he scored an attractive 80 against Lillee.

He played for Foundation, a excellent u16 player, a couple years behind me, maybe he was ahead of the Fuzzy.

RIP Andy.

openning 2022-05-11 15:45:41 

In reply to tc1
I knew very little of Andy, was not surprise when David played for Barbados and the West Indies.
Guys like Richard Stoute and others that know David, will tell you he earned his selection.

nissan 2022-05-11 20:51:39 

2016 interview

tc1 2022-05-11 21:01:50 

In reply to nissan

Nice interview, As I said before, Andy was a good batsman, maybe presure of being Weekes' son got to him. Peter and John were good swimmers as well as footballers.

openning 2022-05-11 21:36:16 

In reply to tc1
What happened to David son? he was also a promising wicketkeeper batsman.
David did not had the pressure of being Sir Everton son, it was not something he talked about.
I cannot remember him acknowledging, he was Sir Everton son.
Was David a product of Richmond?

tc1 2022-05-12 01:16:21 

In reply to openning

Rick Hoyte was David's son, Browne replaced him as Bim wk .I assume that you played with David

openning 2022-05-12 02:34:46 

In reply to tc1
I met David at Wesley Hall Primary school during a coaching session, a number of students from St. Matthews, St.Giles, Montgomery, Bay Primary, Richmonds and a few other schools, attended the coaching clinics on Saturday mornings.

nissan 2022-05-12 11:33:56 

In reply to tc1

Ricky toured with the A team to SA sometime mid/late 90s

Trying to remember which secondary school he would have attended.

On another note this was my favourite Sandpebbles song.

tc1 2022-05-12 12:03:30 

In reply to nissan

he attended Foundation school; I don't recall him touring with the A team.

openning 2022-05-12 13:44:31 

I am not familiar with the Sandpebbles songs, Spice and company I am familiar with.

powen001 2022-05-12 15:36:50 

In reply to nissan

noted and thanks.

May see Norman Barrow today self.

Condolences Indeed

FuzzyWuzzy 2022-05-12 16:45:45 

In reply to nissan
My Sandpebbles favourite

big grin big grin

tc1 2022-05-12 17:11:19 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

Nice tune, there was a band called the Merry boys was it an early version of the Sandpebbles.

FuzzyWuzzy 2022-05-12 17:39:16 

In reply to tc1

Nah, but off the same branch of the Gibbs brothers. They became Ivory

openning 2022-05-12 18:19:27 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy
Was/Is music a hobby?

tc1 2022-05-12 18:27:21 


nissan 2022-05-13 09:47:01 

In reply to tc1

I don't recall him touring with the A team

As luck would have it, cricinfo had something

nissan 2022-05-13 09:52:47 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy


Think that might have been the 1st tune I heard from them, although I didn't know it was them at the time.

I should still have this 45, actually if you see a YT video of this playing on a turntable, that's my upload

tc1 2022-05-13 13:30:00 

In reply to nissan

tc1 2022-05-13 13:30:28 


FuzzyWuzzy 2022-05-13 18:05:58 

In reply to openning

I do fool around with a i guess so...yes?

tc1 2022-05-13 20:24:27 

In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

Bertie (RIP) did not mentor you; he was the best.

FuzzyWuzzy 2022-05-13 21:51:15 

In reply to tc1

Nah. I started long after Bertie left here. big grin

culpepperboy 2022-05-14 00:22:53 


FanAttick 2022-05-14 13:11:42 

In reply to openning

Question for Bajans: Why is it so common for many Bajan males to not carry their father’s last name?

seaegg99 2022-05-14 14:12:58 

In reply to FanAttick

When Father run from responsibilities. Mother will always be there.

culpepperboy 2022-05-14 14:37:44 

In reply to seaegg99

Not always the case. If the parents are unmarried and the mother registers the birth, she decides the last name.

openning 2022-05-14 15:03:07 

In reply to FanAttick
It was the norm for children of unmarried parents, to carry their mother surname.
I don't know the reason why, some people actually believe there is a difference between a child of a married couple and a deputy.
seaegg99: As a country boy, many men you hear about hiding in the cane fields, was hiding from paying cock taxes.

Raisedseam 2022-05-14 15:08:42 

In reply to openning

lol lol lol

openning 2022-05-14 15:11:44 

In reply to culpepperboy
There was differences with DOB and the registration. My mom always celebrated her birthday on March 30 which was the registration date, her DOB was March 20, it was only on her 100th birthday, that we had to follow the protocol and celebrate it on her listed DOB.

openning 2022-05-14 15:25:39 

In reply to FanAttick
I had to learn from my Yard brothers that a women having a number of relationships and numerous children, the fathers names will be the children surnames.

FanAttick 2022-05-14 20:12:53 

In reply to openning

Thanks for the clarification..yes in Yard ..the children will always bear their father’s name (real or not)