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Tropical storm warning lifted for T&T....

sgtdjones 2022-06-29 15:39:39 

Tropical storm warning lifted for Trinidad and Tobago

After a tension-filled day, the tropical storm warning for Trinidad and Tobago has been discontinued.In a statement shortly after 11 pm Tuesday, the Met Office revised its orange-level alert to yellow, an adverse weather status to monitor weather conditions.It said the system, potential tropical cyclone two (PTC2), had moved west of Trinidad and that tropical storm conditions were no longer expected.

It did caution that persistent periods of rain and heavy showers and thunderstorms were still likely, and could produce gusty winds in excess of 55 km/h and rainfall accumulations in excess of 25 mm in some areas. Street flooding, landslides and landslides were possible as well as rough sea conditions.

Over the past two days, the country had been on high alert for a tropical storm. On Tuesday schools were closed, except for secondary students sitting CSEC and CAPE exams, and government offices as well as businesses closed early. PTSC halted services by 3 pm, and taxi and maxi taxis also stopped operating by 8 pm, the original forecast tine for the storm which was revised to two hours earlier.

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sgtdjones 2022-06-29 16:00:18 

Trinidad spared, Tobago drenched, Grenada hit


The Tropical Storm Warning was lifted as of 11pm Tuesday.

The centre of the disturbance which was a strong tropical wave, made its way across Trinidad during the early night hours, however impactful weather was minimal.

The low – latitude and brisk movement speed of the system made it difficult for organization and development into a Tropical Storm to take place.

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Curtis 2022-06-29 16:16:22 

In reply to sgtdjones

They coulda ask me

Narper 2022-06-29 17:28:50 

In reply to sgtdjones

I was still living in Trinidad (around) 1992 when hurricane Bret threatened.

The whole country was preparing...except some idiots liming and partying in St James

Bret was predicted to hit Trinidad smack in the middle at midnight.

My wifey and my two little baby daughters.....anxiously waiting and waiting in a designated area in my Caroni Ltd bungalow

At 11.00 on radio said the hurricane was still on target to hit

Close to midnight...Hurricane suddenly diverted and pass between Trinidad and Tobago

WOW....Trinidad was spared

Most of us were happy...
Many many skunts started to cuss Colonel Mathur..who was responsible to preparing for natural disasters...dem cuss de man stinking for 'spreading panic' !!!

The party continued all night in St James

About two days later....the biggest flood ever hit Trinidad....POS was flooded out...houses were washed away....massive floods all over the island

Mathur was vindicated.

Preparedness is always essential