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British PM Liz Truss’ political views are worrisome

sgtdjones 2022-09-07 21:25:29 

British PM Liz Truss’ political views are worrisome

Basically, British Greatness was their steam-powered ships and railroad locomotives that let them dominate regions of the world that didn't have these Industrial Revolution innovations. Germany and the United States soon surpassed the British in the Industrial Revolution that the British created. Centuries of looting and pillaging of nearly every country on this planet and this is what you have to show for it? I guess crime really doesn't pay. The cruelty Britishers have dealt to their colonies, and their neighbors (Irish, Scots) is deep. When will Britain be held accountable for it? Britain is a muted power today with limited ability to influence much if anything on a world stage. Likely, the country will face the consequences of its undercurrents of racism, solidifying of borders (as from the EU), and an increasing lack of governance. For notes on racism, just watch any of the British documentaries on the crown or Diana on streaming these days.The UK is circling the drain towards a future of irrelevancy. Its people chose to look backward rather than forward. Only their nuclear weapons will keep them in the game but as their economy shrinks due to their chosen path Scotland and Ireland will likely leave the sinking ship and become independent, dooming England, with the loss of Russian oligarchs' stolen booty dragging them ever deeper. They are a cautionary tale for us to heed. This is what happens when good people are too complacent to vote against obvious lies and incompetence.

The looted wealth of the former colonies kept Britain afloat. The corrupt and incompetent British administrators ran the colonies to the ground with their limitless greed and cruelty - now that the colonies are gone, the same administrators are doing to the UK what they did elsewhere (minus the gratuitous cruel violence) for centuries. A likely comeuppance for their many crimes against humanity when they were a colonial power, stealing the labor, lives, and resources from millions.The UK has nowhere to go but down, and down it will. The British Empire may have all but ended 60 years ago; however, the real cancer of Oxford University (dob 1096) cronyism is still going strong,but the country’s next prime minister is still in thrall to its legacy.

Almost makes one wonder if that hypocritical money-grubbing twosome from Montecito might be onto something. Heaven forfend! Sadly Britain continues to be in a misguided thrall of its distant, very distant, past. That sun has long ago set on the British Empire - despite the record-breaking temps the Isles suffered this summer. And the UK refuses to recognize even today its reprehensible human transgressions whether in India, Ireland , or South Africa, to name but three. Plus a change, plus c'est la même chose, certainly true of this transfer of power. Brexit is a disaster. and now we see more of the same thinking disguised as a palliative for the high brow, Etonian, smug indifference of Bojo. Representative of this patent decline is the House of Windsor. King Charles, really?

Britain's problem could be the 'colonial empire/power' mindset. Maybe it has not sunk in yet that they have no colonies except their minds! What was Britain before becoming a colonial power? A country mired in religious wars, inside and outside the country. Nothing more than wars, puritanical thinking, and class systems are still prevalent. Unless they purge themselves of all that and start to think of Britain as a country with millions of immigrants who should be put to good work and every citizen off of the dole, there's not much to expect of them. Once again, a small minority of “haves” have swept in a PM who is the product of the Oxbridge school system and, thereby, governance.In 1700, at the time of Emperor Aurangzeb, India's GDP was higher than Britain and her colonies. Today IMF data shows that India's GDP has just exceeded that of the UK, making the UK the sixth largest economy (third at the end of WWII). So, Powell or not, Britain must become a global (albeit small) economic power and for that to happen finance and fintech, higher education, as well as super advanced technology are the only options left. Liz Truss may have vision, but her eyesight is too myopic. Mary Elizabeth Truss was born in Oxford, England,… Her father is an emeritus professor of pure mathematics …while her mother was a nurse, teacher, and member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.The new PM is 35-40 years out of date in every respect. Wow!

The British Empire is long gone. So is the Roman Empire, along with the Spanish, the French, and quite a few others. But that doesn’t mean that the imperial concept doesn’t live on. The Roman aqueduct in France looks different to an Italian than it does to a German. The Parliament in India looks different to a Briton than it does to a Russian or a Chinese. Britain fought two world wars, in part to protect its imperialism, and was basically bankrupted. In response, the have-nots demanded recompense for their military service so the modern British welfare state was created. The nation couldn't afford both so it moved under Thatcher to become the Wild West of finance to attract both legal and illegal capital to pay the bills. I don’t think that Liz Truss is “in thrall” to the Empire. The only way out for the UK is to face the reality of today and forget the nostalgia for the Empire. Forego Brexit and get back into the EU and enjoy life as a regional power. National sovereignty with a shrinking economy and capital flight is no sovereignty at all.

I disagree with Liz Truss on almost everything, from her desire to cut taxes, based on her belief in the ridiculous "Laffer Curve," to her desire to privatize everything. Britain would have been better off keeping Boris Johnson, who was not as hard right, as PM, and it would be better off still with a Labour MP. Liz Truss is a Repugnant woman. I watched her debate with Rishi Sunak. The conservative party went with the Thatcher cosplay artist rather than the smart Indian. Probably a lot of racism involved too, I didn't think Sunak could actually win. To replace Boris Johnson with Liz Truss is like getting rid of Trump and replacing him with Ron DeSantis. "British workers,(Truss) said in a recently leaked recording, lacked the “skill and application” of their foreign counterparts and needed to work harder". She does not have an original thought in her lame brain. She feeds off platitudes and formulaic feeble arguments that have been proven untrue over and over again. As for Truss becoming PM, did her competition - the brown man - really have a chance with the conservatives? C’mon!

There is something that does not make sense. How does an anti-migrant policy fit free market ideas. ?? Free market ideology fits well with the destruction of unions, and the destruction of the welfare system. However, it fits well with immigrants that became the new slaves. An open wealthy "woke economy" fits well with multiculturalism. That is the reason why populism surges, representing the "whites" left behind. Their enemies are woke capitalists and migrants. In that sense, Ms. Truss should be opposed to Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" anti-migrant thesis.British working people have been doomed to yet further Tory incompetence. I did not believe it possible that they could find anyone less competent than the imbecile Boris Johnson but they may have done just that. Boris buffoonery was all of his own doing. Truss' buffoonery will all be her just repeating the others before her.There will end up being a peasant uprising in Britain if Ms. Truss carries out her plan. No wage increases, no help in the face of astronomical inflation … people will either freeze in their homes or light them on fire to stay warm. This will not end well.It still comes as a surprise to hear the entire Clintonite/Blairite neoliberal vocabulary offered as a response to every single issue, as Liz Truss does. Too bad that the Brits adopted this horrible neoliberal ideology, empowered by the American example, and tried to destroy everything decent and humane about Britain until the 1980s. And they want to continue down this path.

Energy prices are up 82% in England. This should drive most of the people there into poverty. Although they'll probably freeze before they make it to the poor house. The other most enviable nations France and Germany are about to follow the same route. This is what happens when the people in charge feel their way when they create an energy policy instead of actually knowing what they are doing. Will it happen here? Speaking of which, environmentalists say this is good for the planet. What exactly would the carbon footprint of an environmentalist be? Worse than coal? The environmentalists come out of this rather well: they have argued for years that we should invest money in renewable energy. This is good for the planet, an excellent long-term strategy, and will make us independent of the many dictatorships that sell gas and oil such as Russia and Saudi.Environmentalists also have argued for retrofitting old housing with modern insulation (needed because UK housing is built to very low standards compared to continental Europe and the housing stock is quite old). This would reduce energy dependency and make people warmer and healthier.Unfortunately, the Conservatives made a mess of the insulation program.

Another quibble: Truss is the third female prime minister of the United Kingdom, following Thatcher and May. The head of state is Elizabeth II. Scotland has a female first minister.

Tax cuts don't produce miracles for the working class. America has seen that time and again in the debunked "trickle down" theory. I wish Ms. Truss well, but fear Britain is in for a tough time. I fear the people of Britain are about to learn the Will Rogers truism, that in fact, money trickles up, not down. So much for tax cuts ...."The problem is that none of these prescriptions are likely to work. England has undergone exponential societal changes over the past decades. It’s a truly multicultural and pluralistic society. Currently, a high number of British citizens of Indian descent belong to the upper echelons of British society. Rishi Sunak belongs to this new generation of Indians. However, let’s not forget that his parents were Indian immigrants. Boris Johnson was inclusive because his cabinet included politicians like Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel, et al.In my opinion, Sunak missed being the PM this time because he couldn’t connect with the voters on the economic issues as England is hurting.While by no means a fan of Truss, Sunak was favored by financial media and banking classes because he was exactly like them, albeit a browner version. I mean here was a guy who while being a cabinet member in the UK government also had a US Green card (risk management). Here is a guy who is the Minister of Finance in charge of tax revenue, who has a billionaire wife who registers as a non-domiciled resident and avoids paying over 20M pounds in taxes. I can hear the banking and financial classes applauding this financial hedging as this is precisely what they would also do if they could.Truss might not have the charisma and charm of Johnston or the conviction of Thatcher but she's not as slimy as Sunak.

Some of Liz Truss’ political views are worrisome for America as she questioned the special relationship between UK and US. Years ago I read a book titled "The Last Pink Bits: Travels Through the Remnants of the British Empire." I pictured aging Brits, dressed in crisp tropical whites, sitting in wicker chairs, sipping Singapore Slings and grumbling about how 'the service has gone downhill.' No wonder George Orwell, after working only several years as a British police officer in Burma, gave up the foreign service and turned to writing. Sooner or later, everyone gets sick of the British Empire. The American colonists, Indians, Malaysians, and even the British themselves.

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Halliwell 2022-09-08 07:32:50 

She doesn’t like the way solar farms look when she’s driving on the motorway.
She thinks crops should be there. rolleyes

velo 2022-09-08 10:09:04 

the fact that bigoted margaret thatcher is her idol should be worrisome i really think it's time to break completely from the commonwealth

sgtdjones 2022-09-08 14:41:38 

In reply to Halliwell

When ya freezing and gats no food to eat, owing to solar farms, at least you will have lights on.

What else do you hush ya mowt.

Pondie and you still have the Boris haircut?

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cricketmad 2022-09-08 18:26:02 

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NB.What Boris has is not a haircut, it is a hairchop.

sgtdjones 2022-09-08 20:31:17 

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razz razz razz

problemjay 2022-09-09 09:02:46 

Dont worry old men. In three years she will be gone. Uk changes PM more often than sgtjones makes any sense in here

sgtdjones 2022-09-09 15:22:05 

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Good to see ya Jaydee... lol

Your Brit heritage shows...
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