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The UK !!!

granite 2022-09-10 10:22:20 

We saw the swearing in of a new woman PM and a new monarch,a king taking the Crown,in the meantime we have dropped to the worlds 6th largest economy while India overtook us to become the 5th largest economy in the world.

Come eeen Jeremy. surprised

Barry 2022-09-10 10:45:57 

In reply to granite

Can you source your assertions please
See Link Text

Halliwell 2022-09-10 11:14:20 

In reply to granite

big grin
India tek ova
Warships and all

Loopy Liz will drag us down even further
Shudda vote for roast breadfruit Ready4Rish! lol

Emir 2022-09-10 11:23:46 

In reply to granite

It was an opportunity to get rid of that monarchy institution. Because the British insist on keeping it, they must also be held accountable to repay the stolen loot and other compensation for those they stole wealth from.

granite 2022-09-10 13:23:44 

In reply to Emir
If Britain were to start paying back stolen loot they may go bankrupt by just having to payback the sub-continent.

granite 2022-09-10 13:26:49 

[b]In reply to Barry
Google news on Facebook

doosra 2022-09-10 13:43:12 




big grin

NineMiles 2022-09-10 13:57:33 

In reply to doosra

Yuh notice eh. lol

Barry 2022-09-10 14:25:37 

In reply to granite

I actually gave the figures- have they changed? confused

sgtdjones 2022-09-10 15:15:27 

The report said, "India's economy is the fifth largest in the world with a GDP of $2.94 trillion, overtaking the UK and France in 2019 to take the fifth spot". The UK economy amounts to $2.83 trillion and France with $2.71 trillion.India has become the world's fifth-largest economy after it overtook the United Kingdom in end-March 2022, according to the latest calculations by Bloomberg.

barry/problemjay your Anglo Saxon country falling apart.



Barry 2022-09-10 15:23:25 

Fat bitch come- I gone, Admin confused

Barry 2022-09-10 15:25:18 

Before I go friends and not the fat evil one, we should use multiple indicators- sorry I had to go- he is stalking me- pray for me sad

sgtdjones 2022-09-10 16:31:08 

In reply to Barry

Since you joined you have stalked me, by coming on my threads with asinine comments.
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You have accused me of having every poster handle on this board.
Made accusations I stole Jamaican money, then about some Jamaican lady, I am clueless about.
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Now that you are problemjay , you are whining and calling for immaculate help from God.

If you criticize, expect to take many more in return, or don't start.

Now I am busy so kindly fck off.


Barry 2022-09-10 16:46:22 

What a sad boring fat man shock

granite 2022-09-11 23:00:16 

In reply to doosra
What's with you mate,yuh stalking me or wot?It's my adopted country so using words like "we"and "us" is very appropriate,Long live our noble King.Now go tell Ninesy that,yuh facking "wanker"

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sgtdjones 2022-09-11 23:08:38 

In reply to granite

You have doosie ...

I have an Anglo Saxon mutt ...problemjay/jaydee/barry stalking me....


Barry 2022-09-12 01:01:28 

In reply to sgtdjones
You are a bully and a stalker- you can’t resist interfering with me- you are a ped in the schoolhouse, a rat among the chicken eggs, a worm in rotting soup….
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sgtdjones 2022-09-12 01:33:05 

Way ta go barry/Jaydee/problemjay....

Dont blow a fuse mutty...


JahJah 2022-09-12 04:58:17 

In reply to doosra

By two Trinis, no less. Two more Imusics? big grin

Barry 2022-09-12 07:14:23 

In reply to sgtdjones

Admin, please, he is not stopping again… shock

Jeremy 2022-09-12 09:05:38 

In reply to granite

If Britain were to start paying back stolen loot they may go bankrupt by just having to payback the sub-continent.

Link Text

Britain Looted $45 Trillion From India

Jeremy 2022-09-12 09:28:15 

In reply to granite

India overtook us to become the 5th largest economy in the world.

I have been saying for a while now that India economy is on the rise.

granite 2022-09-12 09:37:41 

In reply to Jeremy
What they took from Ranjit of the Punjab was enough to finance their colonization of their Empire.I love History man.

granite 2022-09-12 09:41:16 

In reply to sgtdjones
Yea man!doosra has been checking my words recently,dunno why but he's trying to tell me something.

lol lol lol

Jeremy 2022-09-12 10:06:31 

In reply to Halliwell

India tek ova
Warships and all

Yuh done know

big grin big grin big grin