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Yard folks -I saw di Commonwealth

Chrissy 2022-09-10 11:30:34 

Secretary General in di middle of matters ceremonial (and being interviewed on BBC) and had to note dat ‘drew, Kam et al spent so much money to miss out on all di ‘pompasetting’ dat they love so much. What a ting. lol lol

michaelmax 2022-09-10 17:02:27 

In reply to Chrissy

Yu too bad.

Chrissy 2022-09-10 17:46:43 

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hubert 2022-09-10 19:39:58 

In reply to Chrissy

Behave yourself..

lol lol lol
I guess the QC Holiness will be a the funeral tho... lol

Chrissy 2022-09-10 22:25:08 

In reply to hubert
QC nuh count again - it's KC time

lol lol lol