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“I caught a mouse!!!”

FanAttick 2022-09-10 11:39:45 


Chrissy 2022-09-10 12:27:09 

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lol lol

Ayenmol 2022-09-10 12:44:26 

Nonsense. Can't stand these time waster videos. Not funny. AtAll!

Why would you take the mouse out onto the mat, leave the door open and try to release the mouse there?
Any sensible person, even a child would close the door first.
They are all in on it and it is just a bunch of lousy actors.

FanAttick 2022-09-10 18:51:01 

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Math Wizard

JahJah 2022-09-11 11:20:28 

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I bet you're fun at all the parties.