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HEADLINE: CWI announces Kebra Nanton as new Chief Financial Officer 2022-09-13 20:40:20 

T JOHN’S, Antigua – Cricket West Indies (CWI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kebra Nanton as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Ms. Nanton, a national of Antigua & Barbuda, officially joined the organization on 1 September 2022 and is based at the new CWI headquarters at Coolidge Cricket Ground, Antigua.

Ms Nanton brings to the role a wealth of experience in the accounting field having previously worked as the Chief Financial Officer of the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority. She has also held senior roles in the accounting departments at the Mount St John’s Hospital and LIAT (1974 Ltd).

Kebra has a strong sporting background as a former captain of the Antigua and Barbuda women’s basketball team, where she played locally and regionally for two decades. Back in 2018 she created history when she was elected as the first female President of the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association.

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Curtis 2022-09-13 20:51:39 

What happen to the previous CFO,.?