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Yard folks who want to follow the PNP Conference

Chrissy 2022-09-18 15:51:58 

Live Stream

FanAttick 2022-09-18 16:29:58 

In reply to Chrissy

Solemn faces….very funereal….PNP seem to be on its last rites….

cricketmad 2022-09-18 16:42:47 

In reply to Chrissy

I can't hear a thing.

cricketmad 2022-09-18 16:44:51 

In reply to Chrissy

I can now .Thanks for the link.

Chrissy 2022-09-18 16:49:36 

In reply to FanAttick

Just start man - Pat doing well -

FanAttick 2022-09-18 16:59:28 

In reply to Chrissy

Just start man - Pat doing well -

True..where is my former batting partner Wayne these days? lol

Chrissy 2022-09-18 17:06:14 

In reply to FanAttick
huge crowd dis - hope those outside won't be affected by the rain that is heading this way

Chrissy 2022-09-18 17:35:02 

Big up Donna

FanAttick 2022-09-18 19:14:14 

In reply to Chrissy

Dem might as well give Damian Crawford the leadership job

Chrissy 2022-09-18 19:49:42 

In reply to FanAttick
Damian was good but Mark is doing very well here - mashing dem down big time here.

FanAttick 2022-09-18 20:08:41 

In reply to Chrissy

I’m not feeling it at all…and by the body language of a lot of peeps in the room they aren’t feeling it either…

Fantom 2022-09-18 20:47:44 

In reply to Chrissy

Time come!!! Thanks.

michaelmax 2022-09-18 20:49:16 

I'd say that is the best political speech I've heard from Mark. Lots more energy behind this one. Seems more at ease with his role. Damion CANNOT lead ANYTHING. No seat. Damion has great ideas but always seems to clash with people in constituencies. Same with Lisa and Raymond. They probably would work better in a different electoral system such as MMP in New Zealand where you can be a non constituency MP or STV in Ireland where a constituency has multiple MPs.

Ewart 2022-09-18 20:50:33 

Huge crowd. Very good production. Lots and lots of energy.

Powerful speech by Peter Phillips, and excellent speech by Mark Golding setting out the PNP plan for progress.

And yes, there is no question that the masses love the dread. Let's hope he can win a seat somewhere.


Chrissy 2022-09-18 20:55:46 

In reply to michaelmax
Well it was his first major speech (post COvid).

I thought he laid out policy in a Michael like fashion although it was a bit long.
The Conference was a huge success - thousands more peeps were outside

Chrissy 2022-09-18 20:56:59 

In reply to Ewart
Populism is always hypnotic. wink
Peter was very good fi true

Chrissy 2022-09-18 21:04:25 

In reply to FanAttick

I was at the college two weeks ago - took a good friend's second grandson to his inauguration exercise. Reached two minutes before the start and had to sit in front - yuh batting partner left di stage to come and greet me which delighted my youth. lol

michaelmax 2022-09-18 21:07:23 

In reply to Chrissy

Oh yh. I'd agree and I'd argue the length was in line with Michael too. It was a policy speech with popular/populist overtones ala Michael.

Chrissy 2022-09-18 21:12:46 

In reply to Fantom
You're welcome bro - how's life?

michaelmax 2022-09-18 21:15:29 

In reply to Ewart

I'd say 2 seats would be most likely when there's a vacancy. East Central St. Andrew Peter Phillips and where Damion grew up and East Kingston and Port Royal.

camos 2022-09-18 23:20:35 

PNP keep pushing people who can't win elections, like Seaga did with Pernel Charles and Errol Anderson. Bunting needs to be given one of those seats not Crawford.

michaelmax 2022-09-19 00:43:02 

In reply to camos

confused smile Bunting is the MAJOR reason for the factional fighting over the last few years. Damion WON East Rural. Then had a tussle with councillors about how things out to be done-,new or old. Peter Bunting is NOT a popular man.

Chrissy 2022-09-19 10:51:45 

In reply to michaelmax
Left dem


FanAttick 2022-09-20 08:07:11 

In reply to Chrissy

Is this true?


Bigga Ford slams ‘corrupt’ government

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Retired Senior Superintendent of Police Cornwall 'Bigga' Ford launched a broadside against the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government on Sunday, claiming that Jamaicans were suffering under the current administration which he also accused of being “corrupt”.

Chrissy 2022-09-20 10:54:53 

In reply to FanAttick