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New York files CIvil Suit against Trump and his

Chrissy 2022-09-21 15:42:56 

organization for $250M - Gwan Leticia!
Calls on the Feds to ban them all from business in New York.

WI_cricfan 2022-09-21 16:09:59 

In reply to Chrissy

More publicity for Trump.
Dis man getting so much free air time he duh have to run ads for 2024

buds 2022-09-21 16:36:50 

In reply to Chrissy

Nothing gonna happen to him and his Cabal of Thieves and Scammers. I am tired of hearing investigations and lawsuits filed against him and his family. He is so corrupt nothing sticks. Its like throwing dirt/mud on a pig in a pig pen.


Larr Pullo 2022-09-21 17:55:41 

In reply to Chrissy

Calls on the Feds to ban them all from business in New York.

No! She has referred her findings to the Feds, for possible FEDERAL charges, and to the IRS for possible tax fraud.

Brerzerk 2022-09-21 18:08:04 

After 'The Bush Crash' then CA Att. Gen. KAMALA sued the mortgage providers for shafting homeowners. They attempted to 'sekkle'
and Kamala said no I sued them for much more; she won!!! NB Chump's Lawyers tried to 'sekkle' Ms. James said NOOOOO, Hmmmmmm.

Dukes 2022-09-21 18:44:53 

In reply to buds

He is so corrupt nothing sticks.

Actually that is not true.
Trump can no longer serve in any capacity with any non-profit organization in New York State.His Charity thru which he was funneling money has been dissolved and he had to pay a hefty fine.
This case will cripple him financially and have him exposed to criminal liability exposure from both the IRS as well as the Southern District of New York.


WI_cricfan 2022-09-21 19:37:56 

In reply to Dukes



camos 2022-09-21 21:07:58 

In reply to buds

This is a civil case, prosecutors will be more willing to fight because there is no possibility of jail time. I think they will settle at less than 250 million but Trump and kids will be banned from board positions.

Brerzerk 2022-09-21 21:46:57 

In reply to WI_cricfan
But memba though every dawg have him day every puss still have him 5 ah'clack!
Tish gonna have her day n Chump his 5 ah'clack

Chrissy 2022-09-21 23:32:26 

Now the 11th Circuit has ruled for DOJ [ things are heating up.

Ewart 2022-09-22 01:52:52 

In reply to Chrissy

You rock, Letitia girl!


Brerzerk 2022-09-22 05:27:31 

hahahahahahahahahahahaha, Chump said on Faux 'As President, I can declassify a document by just thinking about it'

culpepperboy 2022-09-22 09:45:35 

In reply to Dukes

Day does run 'til night catch it cool

culpepperboy 2022-09-22 09:46:40 

In reply to WI_cricfan

You can hide and buy land, but you can't hide and work it! cool

camos 2022-09-22 11:54:21 

In reply to culpepperboy

big grin like that!

Chrissy 2022-09-22 11:56:45 

]the Trump family reacts lol lol lol

Chrissy 2022-09-22 12:04:52 

Chrissy 2022-09-22 12:07:02 

WI_cricfan 2022-09-22 12:54:07 

In reply to Ewart

You rock, Letitia girl!

De same was said for Stormy

Chrissy 2022-09-22 13:39:09 

In reply to Ewart
Fearless and thorough

nickoutr 2022-09-22 15:25:26 

In reply to Chrissy
she is a stupid skun t
another slave of the democrat plantation

Ewart 2022-09-22 15:36:37 

In reply to WI_cricfan

Like night and day.


VIX 2022-09-22 23:27:59 

In reply to buds


The American public’s views of former President Donald Trump have remained remarkably stable across a number of different measures in recent months, even as he faces multiple investigations and as he remains a central figure in the midterm elections, according to the most recent New York Times/Siena College poll.

POINT 2022-09-23 01:50:58 


What is interesting is the fact, that it is two African American women who are Prosecutors have brought cases against him. I find it
very interesting that HE spoke about Hillary Clinton regarding Documents. Karma indeed is a very cruel Bitch!!!

I am reminded of other well-known adages:



History , in my opinion will not be kind to him and the
Republican Party. As I have stated in this Forum before
The People in Republican Party decided to select as their
Presidential Candidate a man who was never an Assemblyman,
never a Representative, or a Senator.

Time will tell whether the Republican Party has learned
anything from its utter Stupidity. I believe that the
Republican Party and its Supporters will be in the America Political Wilderness for quite some time.

Obviously, the Republican Party has given the Democratic Party a Political Gift, as the two African American Prosecutors bring serious Charges against Donald Trump.

POINT 2022-09-23 02:02:07 

In reply to WI_cricfan

When all is revealed, I firmly believe that This Cat aint going to have 9 lives. I am sure that you are acquaint with
that adage. Or this adage " Once Bitten Twice Shy " .

Every day reveals new insight into the total Incompetence
of former President and the Republican Party, and its Supporters.

People may do Stupid things, but that aint mean that they
will perpetually Stupid. These days there is concrete evidence that many in the Republican Party are really
Repugnants perhaps they need to change the name of their
Party to the Repugnant Party .

POINT 2022-09-23 02:23:11 

In reply to WI_cricfan

" THIS CAT AINT HAVE NINE LIVES " and that aint a Joke ,
wait until ALL is revealed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carl0002 2022-09-23 16:48:31 

In reply to Brerzerk
That tells you all you need to know about the thief and family name Trump.

If you listened to that and think this dude should have the Nuclear codes you are just as bad and probably worse than as him. smh