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Kebin Durant heading for Toronto

WI_cricfan 2023-02-08 18:11:14 

more to follow

doosra 2023-02-08 18:45:55 

In reply to WI_cricfan

i dont think the nets will trade him, not now

velo 2023-02-08 20:27:43 

to where? lol no top superstar is going to play in toronto not for that long anyway

defeyeant 2023-02-08 20:52:30 

We aint giving up Scottie and Durant doesnt take the Raptors to that place of true contention so dont see that happening. Tomorrow may or may not be crazy but we will see

doosra 2023-02-09 12:24:06 

In reply to velo

to the Suns shock

bdaTryangle 2023-02-09 15:44:08 

Bold move for the Suns but it makes sense. Take advantage of Booker's ascendancy and however much time CP3 has left to push for a championship.

doosra 2023-02-09 15:48:38 

In reply to bdaTryangle

is KD gonna want out soon?

bdaTryangle 2023-02-09 15:51:58 

In reply to doosra

I don't know his contract situation but if Phoenix gets bounced in the first or second round of the playoffs I wouldn't be shocked

doosra 2023-02-09 15:56:52 

In reply to bdaTryangle

4 years

Kay 2023-02-09 17:40:55 

In reply to doosra

4 years? Durant is 34 years old and between 50-75% fit.

He is no Lebron James .....